The Baker and the Beauty Season 2: Why it won’t be happening

The Baker and the Beauty
Nathalie Kelley stars as Noa Hamilton. Pic credit: ABC/YouTube

Netflix fans may have noticed The Baker and the Beauty has quickly become one of the most popular shows on the streaming platform.

The series performed poorly during its original run on ABC, resulting in its cancellation after just one season.

However, The Baker and the Beauty was given a second wind following its release on Netflix on April 13.

Based on the wildly popular Israeli show Beauty and the Baker, the American comedy-drama follows the developing relationship between two people worlds apart – working-class baker Daniel Garcia (Victor Rasuk) and famous Australian supermodel, Noa Hamilton (Nathalie Kelley).

Despite the show being a hit following its new lease of life, fans may be disappointed to learn the show currently has no plans for a season 2.

Why there won’t be The Baker and the Beauty Season 2

Unlike its Israeli counterpart’s success, The Baker and the Beauty performed spectacularly poorly during its first run on ABC.

The announcement came that the series would not be returning for Season 2 before the first season had even finished.

The Baker and the Beauty was the worst-ranked show on the ABC network. The show averaged around 2 million viewers per episode, while the most-watched show, Grey’s Anatomy, was hitting 6.2 million per episode.

Fans of The Baker and the Beauty launched campaign for Season 2

Netflix has saved previously canceled shows by renewing them after their original runs on their respective networks.

Most notably, the streaming service brought back Lucifer in 2019 when it was cancelled on Fox after three seasons.

A fan campaign was since launched in attempt to save The Baker and the Beauty from cancellation.

A petition titled ‘Renew Baker and the Beauty. Let’s ensure this show gets picked up by another network!’ gained almost 160,000 signatures.

The petition even received attention from cast members. Most notably, lead actress Nathalie Kelley released an open letter alongside a link to the petition in an attempt to save the show.

“Now more than ever, the world is waking up to the importance of diversity and representation on our televisions. We want networks to commit wholeheartedly to ensuring that BIPOC, LATINX and LGBTQ+ people, and other marginalized groups, get a chance to tell our stories.” 

She continued, “The Baker and The Beauty was a show that embodied the themes of unity, empathy, and compassion, all of which are so needed in our national discourse right now.”

Ten months have passed since the show’s cancellation, and despite attempts, the show remains cancelled. But with Netflix renewing more shows by the week, there could still be a chance at survival yet.

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3 years ago

Doesn’t say why it won’t be happening at all. Click bait!

3 years ago

You can’t quit now! This is a fun, funny romantic series that needs to keep going! We want to see what happens in the lives of all the characters. Please!!