T.J. Holmes teases proposal and wedding plans with Amy Robach

tj holmes face shot from abc good morning america gma 3 show
Former GMA3 host T.J. Holmes has marriage on his mind, possibly for the coming year. Pic credit: ABC

Could marriage be on the way for T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach soon?

Based on a recent tease from Holmes, the former ABC anchor and host may have a proposal and wedding among his plans for the near future.

He and Robach made headlines in late 2022 as news of their romantic relationship arrived while they were co-hosts for the ABC program GMA3.

They each had marriages at the time, although they later indicated they were in the process of getting divorced. Robach and Holmes were removed from the air amid an investigation and then terminated by the network.

Following all the drama, they continued to pursue their relationship, which included lots of gossip headlines, and eventually got divorced from their significant others.

They also launched the Amy & T.J. Podcast, which recently included Holmes hinting about marriage plans for the near future.

T.J. Holmes hints at proposal and marriage

Tuesday, February 27, brought a new podcast episode from Holmes and Robach, which included them answering fan questions. Robach said many of the questions were related to them running, whether for a marathon or just outdoors for good health.

However, a fan also asked what was on the couple’s vision boards. A producer in the room explained to the couple what a vision board was since neither Robach nor Holmes knew.

“It’s just another way of saying, ‘What are your goals for the year?’ but you visualize it and maybe manifest it that way,” Robach said.

She said New York, Chicago, and London marathons would all go on her vision board. In addition, Robach admitted she wants “to be a better eater, better person, and mom.”

Holmes agreed that Chicago would go on his board for their marathon. In addition, he mentioned some other future goals or plans he had in mind.

“I’ve got some relationship goals I guess I would put up on that board,” he said while answering the question.

“What would the visual be? I don’t know, a little chapel or something,” he teased.

Things became silent briefly, with Holmes exclaiming, “Come on!”

screenshot from instagram story shows tj holmes in a promotional video clip for his podcast with amy robacch
T.J. Holmes during Amy & T.J. Podcast episode in February 2024. Pic credit: @officialtjholmes/Instagram

Robach said everyone in the room got “really quiet” as Holmes and others laughed a bit.

During the February 27 podcast episode, Robach said another person who sent in a comment rather than a question said she just wanted them to get married.

Robach and Holmes have two previous marriages each

If Robach and Holmes tied the knot, it would be the third marriage for each of them. Last year, they settled or finalized divorces following the drama surrounding their romantic relationship and termination from ABC.

Robach was married to actor Andrew Shue from 2010 to 2023, and they were officially divorced last year. Before that, she and Tim McIntosh were married from 1996 to 2008. Robach shares two daughters with him.

Holmes was married to attorney Marilee Fiebig from 2010 to 2023. They share a daughter, Sabine, whom they co-parent following last year’s divorce.

In addition, Holmes was married to Amy Ferson from 2004 to 2007. They don’t share any children, but Holmes has a daughter, Brianna, and a son, Jaiden, from previous relationships.

This Tuesday’s episode of Amy & T.J. isn’t the first time they’ve brought up the topic of marriage either.

Holmes revealed in an earlier podcast episode that he intended to marry Robach.

However, Robach indicated they weren’t in a rush to get married due to having just gone through their divorces. However, she indicated it’s a future consideration for them.

“But there is something, I get it, it’s this thing that I can’t even explain why there’s this desire, but I want to spend the rest of my life with you, I can say that. It’s on the table. It’s on the table,” Robach said.

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1 month ago

Stop it Holmes. The only reason you two “hint” at marriage is to goose your falling ratings. The only reason you would actually propose is to tap into her larger bank account.