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Survivor recap: Spoilers from Season 39, Episode 2 include Idols

S39 E2 Immunity Challenge
The Survivor: Island of the Idols Episode 2 Immunity Challenge. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

The Survivor recap from Wednesday night comes from Season 39, Episode 2. There were some fun Survivor spoilers that got revealed, including who got sent to the Island of the Idols and who was sent home at Tribal Council.

During the season premiere, poker player Ronnie Badrah was sent packing. He had rubbed some people the wrong way and targeted the wrong people when it came to tribal discussions. Ronnie was pretty surprised to be done early.

The new episode of the show began in odd fashion as well, with no introduction music and the producers getting right to the action. That included following up on what had happened at the first Tribal Council.

The Lairo Tribe had gone to the first Tribal Council, forcing 10 castaways to face getting eliminated from the game. Aaron Meredith came back upset that he wasn’t clued in on what had been taking place with the vote.

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At the other camp, Noura Salman was upset that people weren’t helping overnight. She turned a lot of her tribe members against her, setting herself up as a possible target to be sent home from the Vokai Tribe.

Back at the Lairo Tribe, Chelsea Walker found a Hidden Immunity Idol. It gives her a huge advantage in the game, especially since she wasn’t even trying to look for it, but stumbled across it while searching for firewood.

Island of the Idols time

Kellee Kim from the Vokai Tribe was sent to the Island of the Idols. She learned that former winners Rob Mariano and Sandra Diaz-Twine have been brought back to serve as mentors. They then asked a lot of questions about her past and what has taken place so far this season.

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This ended up being a test, as Rob and Sandra were also talking about themselves. When the long conversation ended, the mentors told her that she could take a test that involved answering questions about what she had just learned.

If Kellee could answer 3-of-5 questions right, she would get an Immunity Idol. If she lost, she would lose her vote. She took on the challenge and answered the first three questions correctly. She now has an Idol good for three Tribal Councils. She decided to not tell her tribe about the experience.

Team Immunity Challenge

The Lairo Tribe worked well together and won the Immunity Idol for the episode. It meant that the Vokai Tribe was going to be sent to Tribal Council for the first time.

Tribal Council — Who went home on Survivor?

At the second Tribal Council of the season, the Vokai Tribe had to face an elimination for the first time. There was a lot at stake, as this could set the tone for how this tribe would progress.

Jason Linden was very stressed about what might take place, stating that he felt he was in purgatory during the first five days on the show. Would this be the end of his journey?

As Rob and Sandra watched from their hidden location, host Jeff Probst tallied the votes. Noura and Jason received votes, but it was Molly Byman who was sent home on Survivor tonight. She hadn’t seen it coming. #Blindside

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That brings an end to the Survivor recap for Season 39, Episode 2. The fall 2019 season continues next Wednesday evening on CBS.

Survivor airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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