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Survivor legend was ‘salty’ they didn’t get to play on Winners at War

Survivor 40 In Action
Survivor: Winners at War only included people who had won the show before. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Former Survivor castaway Cirie Fields did an interview where she talked about her time on the show.

Cirie also spoke about being “salty” that she didn’t get to participate in Survivor 40, which was subtitled Winners at War.

We first got to watch Cirie play in 2006 when she was on Survivor: Panama, finishing in fourth place. She then returned in 2008 and placed third on Survivor: Micronesia.

Being a fan-favorite, the producers invited her back for Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains and Survivor: Game Changers. She finished in 17th place and then in sixth place during those respective seasons.

Since she didn’t win any of her four seasons, Cirie was never really in the running to appear on Survivor: Winners at War, but that didn’t stop her from being envious of the people who were competing for the $2 million prize.

Cirie Fields speaks about Survivor: Winners at War

 “I was jealous,” Cirie said about the experience of watching Winners at War take place. “First of all, season 40 — I wanted to be there for that. Just to be on that season, being a fan of Survivor. Then, being on Survivor so many times and not being on Winners at War, I’m a little bit salty.”

Cirie continued by saying, “I was like, ‘Are you kidding me? They have champagne?!’ And then to have your entire family out for the Loved Ones visit? Oooooooooooh!!! Yeah, I was salty. I was salty.”

Later in her interview, she did note that she ended up watching it all, which really showed how much of a fan she has been of the franchise.

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“I got over it though,” she added. “At first, I wasn’t going to watch it, but I was in my feelings, and I was like, ‘Come on now, you love Survivor.’ And I watched the whole entire thing.”

Survivor 41 just finished filming

Survivor host Jeff Probst just announced that the show has finished filming its next season. There had been a lot of delays and problems with production taking place during a pandemic, but the production was finally completed for Survivor 41.

CBS also confirmed that we will get to see Survivor 41 as part of the Fall 2021 television schedule. That’s great news, especially with how long it has been since fans were able to watch a new episode of the show.

A possible Survivor 41 cast list was also revealed, giving fans a look at who might be playing the game this time around. It includes a lot of fresh faces to the show, giving fans some new people to cheer on for the Fall 2021 season.

Survivor 41 debuts in Fall 2021 on CBS.

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