Supernatural 2020 return date: When does series come back on and what should viewers expect?

Rob Benedict as Chuck/God harasses Jared Padalecki's Sam in Supernatural season 15. Pic credit: The CW
Rob Benedict as Chuck/God harasses Jared Padalecki’s Sam in Supernatural Season 15. Pic credit: The CW

Supernatural started its torturous winter hiatus by leaving viewers with an exciting cliffhanger.

The long-running series, currently in the fifteenth and final season, will return to The CW on January 16 and the network has released a new teaser to let us know what to expect.

Supernatural’s midseason finale closed out as Dean and Cass made their way to Purgatory to find a Leviathan blossom, the final ingredient to complete their spell to banish God.

Dean and Cass have been to Purgatory before and found it to be a life-threatening bonding experience. Hopefully, the feuding friends can find the time during their trip to make up. 

Aside from that, Purgatory opens up the possibility for any number of guest stars who have previously or may currently reside there. It is, after all, where the souls of monsters go, so Dean and Cass could run into a lot of familiar and unfriendly faces. Add to that the Leviathans themselves and Purgatory is definitely not a good place for a Winchester to be. 

Despite all the bluster from Mark Sheppard saying that Crowley definitely won’t come back to the show, this might be the best and most logical opportunity to have him make an appearance. I wouldn’t count the former King of Hell out just yet. 

Meanwhile, Sam and Eileen have run into a trap set by Chuck. Thinking they were out to save a friend from a nest of vampires, it was actually just an illusion to get them both to a secret meeting.

And based on the trailer, seemingly just to torment Sam with visions of a horrific future, which includes the return of Bobby Singer. Well, not all horrific. There is that kiss between Sam and Eileen. But otherwise, things look pretty bad. 

Supernatural returns on Thursday, January 16 at 8/7 C on The CW.      

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