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Supernatural season 15 episode 7 recap: Last Call

Dean, Cass, and Eileen listen to Sam's story. Pic credit: The CW
Dean, Cass, and Eileen listen to Sam’s story. Pic credit: The CW

Dean leaves a slightly hungover Sam and Eileen to their breakfast to take a solo case out in Texas. He needs to clear his head, and Sam and Eileen need some alone time. Sam swears it’s not like that, but Dean knows better.

Dean investigates a story about a woman who says her friend was raptured. This woman drinks like a fish, so he checks out a place called Swayze’s Bar to see if he can find her.

This bar is Dean’s kind of place — the exact type of bar that he sometimes dreams of owning himself. And go figure, an old hunting buddy of his, a guy named Lee Webb (Christian Kane), owns it. When Dean walks in, he’s leading the house band in a song.

It’s been years since Dean and Lee had seen each other — since before Sam joined the family business. They catch up over a few drinks, and Lee explains how one day he saw one case too many and decided to retire.

Dean can’t even imagine leaving it behind, knowing that monsters are out there killing innocent people.

Lee manages to get Dean up on stage for a song, saying that he can’t always lip sync Eye of the Tiger while no one is looking. Fans recognized this reference to a famous post-credits improv sequence Jensen Ackles performed in Season 4.

Ironically, this is also the same episode Dean references when he tells Lee the story of his Ghost Sickness.

Their duet is honestly awesome, with Dean’s musical skills much improved when he’s not a demon singing drunk karaoke. Plus, they have a great house band that happens to be comprised of Supernatural crew members.

Dean and Lee sing a song at Swayze's Bar. Pic credit: The CW
Dean and Lee sing a song at Swayze’s Bar. Pic credit: The CW

Unfortunately, it’s pretty evident from the beginning that Lee is hiding something. First, he pretends not to recognize the missing girl, even though she’s a regular, and then he tries to steer Dean away from investigating the junkyard for the girl’s car.

But when Dean finds the car with the girl’s body inside the trunk, Lee catches up with him and knocks him out.

Lee ties Dean up in his basement and prepares to feed his blood to his pet Marid. As long as you feed it, it gives you money and health and everything you ever dreamed of. Lee lost faith in the world after that last case and believes that no one is truly innocent.

Dean has been a little nihilistic lately, and this gives him some perspective. Lee believes the world is broke, so he gave up. Dean believes that you fix it, you fight for it.

Lee holds Dean at gunpoint after a grisly discovery. Pic credit: The CW
Dean discovers that Lee is the killer. Pic credit: The CW

Dean escapes and kills the Marid. Then he kills Lee because killing monsters is what he does. He can’t just leave him in the world with innocent people out there.

Meanwhile, Sam and Eileen take a break from doing research. Eileen has a few ideas about what they could do, but their romantic moment is interrupted when Cass comes in.

Cass thinks that the Equalizer shot a piece of Sam’s soul into Chuck, and they can use Sam’s wound to find him. But when Cass probes the wound, Sam goes into some kind of coma. They need help, and Dean isn’t answering his phone.

Cass makes a desperate call to Sergei and threatens him unless he comes to help. Sergei examines Sam and tells Cass that he’s dying. It’s like his wound is a rubber band connecting him to Chuck, and Cass stretched it too far. But Sergei says he can help.

Cass keeps a close eye on Sergei. Pic credit: The CW
Cass keeps a close eye on Sergei. Pic credit: The CW

Only what he does is make it worse so he can blackmail Cass into giving him the Key to Death. Cass knew he couldn’t trust Sergei, though, so he had already made a call to Bobby to keep tabs on Sergei’s niece in case they needed insurance. Sergei has no choice but to cure Sam.

Dean comes home, and things are still frosty between him and Cass. Dean needs to apologize to Cass because he’s been a total dick, and he’s acting as if nothing happened. Sam explains that while he was unconscious, it was like he was in Chuck’s head. Chuck is weak, so maybe there’s a chance that they can beat him.

Watch Supernatural on Thursday at 8/7 C on The CW.

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