Superman & Lois marathon coming to The CW ahead of mid-season premiere

Superman & Lois marathon coming to The CW ahead of mid-season premiere
Tyler Hoechlin as Superman in Superman & Lois. Pic credit: The CW

If you missed out on the first half of the new Arrowverse series, Superman & Lois, there will be a marathon coming this month.

Superman & Lois is a new story about the Man of Steel, with Tyler Hoechlin reprising his role from Supergirl, and bringing a tale of family to The CW.

Superman and his wife Lois Lane have moved back to Smallville with their two sons, Jonathan and Jordan. As the family of four tries to settle in, things disrupt their lives from all angles.

Superman & Lois marathon coming

The mid-season premiere is coming on May 18, and The CW plans to get you ready for it.

On Saturday, May 15, TNT will air a marathon of The CW’s hit Arrowverse series to help fans catch up. This will include the first five episodes of Superman & Lois.

The Superman & Lois marathon will air from noon ET until 5:30 p.m.

This will all lead to the new episode, which hits The CW on May 18 at 9/8c.

Here is what fans can expect from Superman & Lois when it returns.

Spoilers follow for the first five Superman & Lois episodes.

Superman & Lois mid-season premiere preview

Superman and Lois Lane went back to Smallville after Martha Kent died. When the evil Morgan Edge bought the Daily Planet and fired Clark Kent, it made the move make more sense.

They moved back to Clark’s childhood farm and began to raise their kids there.

This was tough for both children. Jonathan was a football star in Metropolis, and Jordan never seemed to fit in. They also had no idea their dad was Superman.

When Clark and Lois reveal the secret to their sons, it didn’t go over well. However, things quickly changed when Jordan developed superpowers like his dad.

The two boys then became popular members of the football team, with Jordan taking the new spot as the golden child, after Jonathan lived that life in Metropolis.

Meanwhile, Lois Lane’s dad – General Sam Lane – was not happy in the move because he worried Superman leaving Metropolis would cause crime levels to increase.

They slightly proved this true when an alternate Earth version of Lex Luthor arrived and wanted to take out Superman, who he thought would destroy this Earth.

Lois Lane hasn’t stopped her work as an investigative journalist, now focusing her attention on exposing Morgan Edge’s corrupt dealings.

This leads into the second major villain, as Edge has plans to create a Kryptonian Army using the X-Kryptonite buried under Smallville.

Superman & Lois return to The CW on May 19 at 9/8c.

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