Sunny Hostin leaves The View fans stunned as she reveals her real age

Sunny Hostin of The View
Sunny Hostin’s age was a hot topic. Pic credit: Bravo

Recently, The View took time to celebrate Whoopi Goldberg’s 68th birthday. There were gifts to be had and music to be listened to during the show. They even had the legendary Gladys Knight as the musical guest.

Whoopi took the time to recount how she feels about outliving her brother, “I’m older than my brother was, and I just feel like I should celebrate and have a good time for all those folks who didn’t get to be here!”

Aging and celebrations are big topics on The View. During Whoopi’s celebration, the ladies brought up getting older, and the supermodel/actress Carol Alt and her choices at the age of 62.

Whoopi told the ladies, “The intention is to show how beautiful women could be at any age.”

The ladies brought up the idea of modeling without clothing as they age. They all had differing opinions on whether they would do it or not.

After some banter, Whoopi seemed to consider the idea.

Hearing about Carol Alt looking great at 62 caused Sunny Hostin to reveal her actual age

As Whoopi mentioned making women feel beautiful, Sunny agreed, saying, “Because I’m 55 now.” She subtly lowered her voice as she told her age as if she was ashamed.

“I’m still saying it like that,” Sunny admitted, saying, “I’m 55 now,” again in a weird way.

“In this business in particular and a lot of businesses, any woman over 50 is dead, ” Sunny revealed.

Whoopi wanted to make Sunny feel better and said, “Well, that’s what they’d like you to think.”

Fans on social media could not believe that Sunny was 55 and looking so well.

YouTube user @lorongchuanlife said something many feel, “SUNNY IS 55?! GIRL, YOU ARE LOOKING STUNNING,” and then @lindamarchionyfrancis4437 told her in part that Sunny, “It just keeps getting better…”

Fans of Sunny Hostin on YouTube
Pic credit: @lorongchuanlife/@lindamarchionyfrancis4437/YouTube

Then @joannaherodotou1491 mentioned Whoopi being 68 in disbelief! The ladies all look so great, according to fans.

Sunny Hostin fan on YouTube
Pic credit: @joannaherodotou1491/YouTube

Another user, @heavenlyvilla8681, said, “Sunny looks awesome for 55.”

YouTube commenter about Sunny Hostin
Pic credit: @heavenlyvilla8681/YouTube

Fans are amazed at how great Sunny looks at 55.

Sunny gets some love from The Cheesecake Factory

In a recent show, the ladies were discussing first dates, and a viral video of a lady objecting to The Cheesecake Factory as being first date worthy. Sunny made it clear that she loved that restaurant.

Well, the restaurant responded by giving her a gift certificate. Sunny could not have been more pleased. She read her card and thanked The Cheesecake Factory profusely in the video she shared on her Instagram.

Sunny did not waste any time taking her family out for some fun. She shared a picture of the fun night on her Instagram.

Sunny made sure to thank The Cheesecake Factory in her Instagram picture. She looked like she was having a fun night.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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