Sara Haines starts shoving match after waking up Whoopi Goldberg on The View

Whoopi Goldberg on The View
Whoopi Goldberg on The View. Pic credit: ABC

It is no secret that The View’s moderator, Whoopi Goldberg, isn’t always present on the show.

It may be the divide between generations. She has recently blasted millennials by questioning their work ethic.

Fans did not like that and made it clear on social media just how wrong they thought Whoopi was, citing the economy and other factors as to why it is so hard to buy houses and have children now.

Whoopi has a hard time staying interested in the topics that the younger generation, such as the only millennial on the panel, Alyssa Farah Griffin, wants to hear about.

Whoopi checks out on topics that are of no interest to her. As previously reported on Monsters and Critics, Whoopi will play with her hair, look down, or not engage.

This time, Whoopi took her disinterest further, causing a co-host to jump in to fix things.

Why is Sara Haines in a shoving match with Whoopi?

The topic was Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner and their marital and custody issues.

As the moderator, it is Whoopi’s job to introduce new segments. She started by saying, “Welcome back. Joe Jonas filed for divorce from actress Sophie Turner two months ago…”

Sophie Turner is dating a British aristocrat and engaging in public displays of affection, commonly known as PDAs, and Joe is upset about this happening.

Whoopi could not believe what she had to read from the teleprompter. She breezed through it in a funny voice and then sat speechless. She had to look over at Joy Behar and had her pick up the topic.

Whoopi then just sat back and tuned it all out. Then, as the conversation continued with the other ladies, Whoopi put her head on the table and quickly napped.

Sara Haines, who usually sits next to Whoopi, was there to catch it all and wake her up. She gave Whoopi a quick shove to wake her, then had to do it again.

Once Whoopi woke up and realized where she was, she quickly shoved Sara back and made a game of the whole exchange. Whoopi interacted in the conversation a bit, and then everything moved on.

Whoopi Goldberg and Sara Haines on The View
Whoopi Goldberg and Sara Haines on The View. Pic credit: ABC

Whoopi celebrates her birthday on The View

Whoopi may be acting bored and not engaging because her mind is elsewhere. On November 13, Whoopi turned 68 and celebrated on the show.

The cast walked out to the Gladys Knight song, Midnight Train to Georgia. Whoopi was excited to add that the legendary Gladys Knight would perform later in the show.

The buzz of excitement in the air had Whoopi at her best. She was happy and excitedly engaged with everyone during her birthday show. Everyone could tell that it was her day.

Whoopi spent the show giving away gifts to her co-hosts and the audience. And, of course, the magnificent Gladys Knight sang for Whoopi.

Happy Birthday, Whoopi! May you have many more!

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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8 months ago

I am sure they are not all happy what Joy says either, but Whoopi is down to earth and she tells you like it is so does Joy. Young folks don’t like that so they talk about her age. Shame on you. 😠

8 months ago
Reply to  Philomena

She has no right to degrade,condemn others for their belief. Their actions for singing songs. Just cause she doesn’t like it. As far as I’m concerned what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.