Sunny Hostin admits to being a cheap date

Sunny Hostin at the Hot Topic table
Sunny Hostin on The View. Pic credit: ABC

Whoopi Goldberg began a heated segment today. Knowing just how much the ladies love food, it isn’t surprising it was all over a restaurant.

The ladies all banded together to defend The Cheesecake Factory, of all things.

Whoopi started with a woman who “went viral for shaming her date for choosing The Cheesecake Factory for her dinner.”

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In a viral clip from TikTok, a lady filmed herself refusing to get out of her date’s car at this restaurant.

Thinking she was overdressed, she said, “Look at me. I cannot go into The Cheesecake Factory. I will die!”

The ladies on The View started in on this person’s audacity, especially when Whoopi elaborated on the timeline of the date.

The gentleman had reservations at another fine restaurant, but they had to be canceled because the lady in the video made them an hour late.

Sunny was not hearing anyone diss The Cheesecake Factory

After Whoopi called the lady self-centered, Joy Behar said, “I always tell girls make your own money.”

Sunny cleared her throat and said, “I want to stand up for The Cheesecake Factory because I go there every week.”

She and Sara Haines then joked over their favorites on the menu: dirty martinis, Tex-Mex eggrolls, and chicken dumplings. The Cheesecake Factory is even a hot spot among celebrities like the Kardashians and Pete Davidson.

Citing an internet debate of restaurants and other places never to take your date on the first date, Sunny admitted, “I must be a very cheap date.”

She loved most of the restaurants on the list, including Chili’s, Chipotle, Red Lobster, and Olive Garden. Sara made sure to add — never take her to the gym or church for a first date.

Sunny concluded the segment by saying she loved Popeyes, especially since her husband Manny took her there on their first date.

Fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the debacle

Immediately after showing the clip, fans flocked to social media to weigh in on The Cheesecake Factory and the rude lady who turned her nose up at the thought of eating there.

One fan said, “CHEESECAKE GIRL DONE MADE #TheView…mission accomplished.”

Another replied, “Of course, I was referring to the Cheesecake Factory woman #theview.”

The View fans sound off about The Cheesecake Factory
Pic credit: @myalogy/@gramfurn/X

Another fan took the time to call out Whoopi Goldberg. This happened recently also, as reported on Monsters and Critics. Whoopi was criticized for defending a friend’s alleged bad behavior.

This fan said, “Whoopi thinks she is beyond discussing certain topics. In a way reflecting the same attitude of the entitled woman who refused to go to the Cheesecake Factory. #TheView.”

The ladies of The View, especially Whoopi Goldberg, continue to be held to a high standard by their fans on social media.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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