Summer House cast: Meet the housemates of Bravo’s new reality series

All the Summer House cast
The nine housemates that make up the Summer House cast. Pic: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo

Bravo’s new series Summer House follows the wild summer weekends of a group of nine fast-living NYC friends as they share a house in the Long Island beach town of Montauk.

The series is filled with wild goings on as the group and their friends party away the summer, with a non-stop stream of sex, gossip and drama.

But who are the nine housemates taking part? Say hello to the Summer House cast…

Kyle Cooke

Instagram: @imkylecooke

Kyle is an entrepreneur and big-time party-goer. Pic: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo

Kyle is the life and the soul of the party but is torn between staying young and living the bachelor lifestyle, or growing up.

He loves to party but during the week he earns his dollar as an entrepreneur on two start-up companies.

The first, Fenix, is a weight-loss app which uses personal coaches while the second, Birddogs, makes shorts “for free-balling crotch crusaders”.

Basically, they’re shorts with a lining which means you don’t have to wear underwear but a man’s crown jewels are under at least some control.

However, the big question is — is there a woman out there who can bring Kyle under control?

Ashley & Lauren Wirkus aka the Wirkus twins

Instagram: @wirkustwins

Identical twins Ashley, left, and Lauren, right. Pic: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo

Identical twins Ashley and Lauren have been inseparable, after growing up in Southern California together before moving to NYC.

They have holidays in the Hamptons since they first travelled east six years ago, but they could be set for big changes with Ashley — who’s recently married – planning to move back to California to start a family.

Ashley used to work in real estate but has just purchased a retail franchise called Uptown Cheapskate and is about to open her first store.

Meanwhile, Lauren — who is single — makes her money in the finance world.

Everett Weston

Operation: Heal Our Heroes Instagram: @operationHOH

Everett founded a non-profit helping war veterans. Pic: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo

Everett is a former Army Iraq war veteran, and spent 12 months on the front line in the war-torn country.

He has been vacationing in Montauk since he was 12, firstly with his family and, for the past five years, sharing summer houses with friends.

Everett and Lindsay, below, have been good friends for a long time but recently surprised the group by starting a relationship. He’s also good buddies with Kyle, above.

Everett co-founded the nonprofit Operation: Heal Our Heroes, which tries to reduce the number of suicides among armed forces veterans.

Lindsay Hubbard

Instagram: @LindsHubbs

Lindsay is the ultimate alpha female, and recently hooked up with Everett. Pic: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo

Alpha female Lindsay is the president of marketing and public relations firm Hubb House PR, based in NYC.

But despite her successes in business, she also likes to play hard — and has been vacationing in the Hamptons for the past decade.

However, she could be about to settle down after getting together with Everett, above.

Carl Radke

Instagram: @carlradke

Carl is a former model who now has his hands in many pies. Pic: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo

Carl is a former model who is relatively new to the group, but decided to go in on the Montauk summerhouse after being invited by Kyle, above.

Because of that, he doesn’t know the others as well as they know each other.

Carl has a lot of strings to his bow, working in sales for a medical-device firm, as well as doing a bit of film production. He also recently invested in two NYC bars which were set to open in early 2017.

Most importantly, he’s single.

Cristina Gibson

Instagram: @cristinablairgibson

Cristina works as a freelance reporter. Pic: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo

Cristina is Lindsay (above)’s roommate, but could be about to lose her with Lindsay planning to move in with Everett.

She works as a freelance reporter, and is initially keen to be part of party central at Montauk. However, as the summer progresses, her outlook on the whole deal — including her friendships — are up for evaluation as she has to make some big life decisions.

Stephen McGee

Instagram: @stephenmcgee

Stephen is the wild card of the group, and isn’t afraid to hold back. Pic Virginia Sherwood/Bravo

Stephen is his own man, and isn’t afraid of saying and doing whatever he likes. He spent his childhood in Alabama, but moved to NYC when he was 20 and has been working his way up in the world ever since.

He makes his money as an event-planner for high-end brands and people with lots of money to throw around, and is as good a networker as they come.

He got known on the Hamptons scene through throwing legendary alcohol-fuelled brunch parties.

Jaclyn Shuman

Instagram: @jacshuman

Jaclyn recently went through a bad breakup. Pic: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo

Jaclyn, originally from Texas, recently went through a tough break-up with her longterm partner and is now back on the scene.

A girl-next-door type, she originally moved to NYC to try her hand at fashion design but is now a successful fitness model.

While seemingly shy, once her confidence among the Summer House group grows, prepare to see her wild side comes out…

Summer House airs Mondays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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