Lindsay Hubbard and Everett Weston on brink of break-up in Summer House

Things are not looking good for Lindsay Hubbard and Everett Weston on Summer House — after the pair have a massive fight on this week’s episode. The row comes as the other housemates are all living it large and having a party. But as couples too often have a habit of doing, they let their differences

Summer House cast: Meet the housemates of Bravo’s new reality series

Bravo’s new series Summer House follows the wild summer weekends of a group of nine fast-living NYC friends as they share a house in the Long Island beach town of Montauk. The series is filled with wild goings on as the group and their friends party away the summer, with a non-stop stream of sex,

Summer House serves up sex, sun and alcohol-fuelled fun of the rich on Bravo

Bravo’s long-awaited new reality series Summer House is here — following a group of fast-living young and rich New Yorkers as they let their hair down in the sun. It’s work hard and play hard for this bunch of high-flying friends, who earn big sums during the week then let loose at the weekends in a