Lindsay Hubbard and Everett Weston on brink of break-up in Summer House

Things are not looking good for Lindsay Hubbard and Everett Weston on Summer House — after the pair have a massive fight on this week’s episode. The row comes as the other housemates are all living it large and having a party. But as couples too often have a habit of doing, they let their differences

Who are the Wirkus Twins, Ashley and Lauren, from Bravo’s Summer House?

Ashley and Lauren Wirkus are two of the central and most enjoyable-to-watch characters on Bravo’s Summer House. But who are they and what’s their backstory? The fun-loving twins hail from San Diego, CA, but moved to the Big Apple where they share inspiring ‘twin tips’ on fashion, beauty, and fitness with their followers through their lifestyle blog

Summer House cast: Meet the housemates of Bravo’s new reality series

Bravo’s new series Summer House follows the wild summer weekends of a group of nine fast-living NYC friends as they share a house in the Long Island beach town of Montauk. The series is filled with wild goings on as the group and their friends party away the summer, with a non-stop stream of sex,

Summer House serves up sex, sun and alcohol-fuelled fun of the rich on Bravo

Bravo’s long-awaited new reality series Summer House is here — following a group of fast-living young and rich New Yorkers as they let their hair down in the sun. It’s work hard and play hard for this bunch of high-flying friends, who earn big sums during the week then let loose at the weekends in a