Who are the Wirkus Twins, Ashley and Lauren, from Bravo’s Summer House?

Ashley, left, and Lauren Wirkus from Bravo's Summer House
Ashley, left, and Lauren Wirkus from Bravo’s Summer House. Pic: @wirkustwins/Instagram

Ashley and Lauren Wirkus are two of the central and most enjoyable-to-watch characters on Bravo’s Summer House.

But who are they and what’s their backstory?

The fun-loving twins hail from San Diego, CA, but moved to the Big Apple where they share inspiring ‘twin tips’ on fashion, beauty, and fitness with their followers through their lifestyle blog and Insta account.

The business-savvy sisters work hard during the week, spending weekends and holidays partying with friends in the Hamptons.

Their work hard/play hard antics are the subject of Bravo’s new reality series, which follows the twins and their friends as they enjoy the time of their lives sharing a luxurious summer house in the beach town of Montauk, Long Island.

Newly married, Ashley has plans to move away and finally settle down to start a family so the twins use their time at the summer house to enjoy one last big blowout before responsibility sets in.

The twins originally moved to New York to take an internship with Daymond John from Shark Tank to kick-start their careers.

Caring twin Ashley has since worked in the New York real estate sector but recently bought a clothing retail franchise, Uptown Cheapskate, and is working towards opening her own store selling upscale used clothing.

Confident single twin Lauren still works in the high-flying world of finance but is equally as comfortable chilling on the beach or enjoying the nightlife.

When the twins aren’t working or filming they like to spend time ‘downtown’, hanging out in the West Village and SoHo or enjoying some retail therapy in Bloomingdales seeking out style inspiration for their blog.

The inseparable sisters are each other’s number one fans looking out for each other and pushing themselves to be successful.

The pair like to chill out and have fun but when push comes to shove they are equally prepared to stand-up for themselves and each other, so sparks could fly with their other Summer House co-stars.

Expect the Wirkus twins to bring the drama wherever you see them next.

Summer House airs Mondays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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