Stranger Things Season 4 will be the ‘darkest season ever’

Will Stranger Things Season 4 happen
Stranger Things Season 4 will be the “darkest season ever.” Pic credit: Netflix

Netflix has yet to announce the release date for the fourth and final season of Stranger Things, but the cast of the show has been gracious enough to drop clues on what’s to come. 

Season 3 of Stranger Things ended on a depressing note; the adventurous gang was split up and officer Jim Hopper is presumed dead but is actually trapped in a Russian prison. 

It sounds as though Season 4 will continue that way. Last August, Joe Keery who plays the jock-turned-nice-guy Steve Harrington on Stranger Things, shared to NME magazine that “the end is in sight for these guys and there’s some great threads that get tied together in this season.”

What does Finn Wolfhard have to say?

The topic was revisited in a more recent interview with Finn Wolfhard who plays Mike Wheeler, Eleven’s (Millie Bobby Brown) boyfriend and the best friend of Will Byers (Noah Schnapp). 

In an interview with CBC Listen on February 12, Wolfhard said, “Every season it gets darker. I will say in season three I was like, ‘This is the darkest season that there’ll ever be,’ exploding rats and everything. But really, season four so far,  it’s the darkest season that’s ever been…”

This was quite the comment as in every season, the character’s lives have been risked as they explore and uncover the Upside Down. The last season had multiple deaths of beloved characters — and not so beloved ones. How does it get darker than that?

Wolfhard goes on to add, “Every year it gets amped-up. Every year it gets funnier, and darker and sadder, and everything. So I’m really excited for people to see it.” 

In this interview, he shares that the show has added a few new “incredible characters” and described them as “brilliant” and “amazing.” 

What is known about Stranger Things Season 4?

Just last November, the show announced eight new cast members, one of which included A Nightmare of Elm Street’s Robert Englund as the character Victor Creel. Creel is described as a “disturbed and intimidating man.”

Lastly, Wolfhard confirms that the show is suffering from production delays because of the coronavirus pandemic. He shared that he will be returning to the set in “a few weeks,” although other cast members are currently filming.

Looks like Season 4 will be proceeding the classic Stranger Things way with a few love twists and a solid amount of hilarity to disguise the constantly-evolving dark plotline. Fans are excited to see who will make it out alive.

Stranger Things seasons 1-3 are streaming on Netflix.

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