Stranger Things: Fan-favorite character to get prequel novel later this year

Actor Joseph Quinn, who plays Eddie Munson on Stranger Things, up close
Stranger Things fan-favorite Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) is getting his own prequel novel later this year. Pic credit: © Mayhew/Landmark Media

The long-awaited arrival of Stranger Things Season 4 brought along the latest fan-favorite character, Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn). Sticking true to the show, Eddie was introduced, loved, and sacrificed.

Although we’re not crossing our fingers that Eddie will be miraculously brought back from the dead, fans can keep their excitement high as another story featuring the rocker is set to come out later this year.

The future of the Hellfire Club is uncertain, but it all had to start somewhere.

That’s where Stranger Things writer Caitlin Schneiderhan comes in to save the day (and save us all from Eddie withdrawals).

Eddie’s prequel, Flight of Icarus, will hit shelves as a novel on October 31, perfect for reminiscing about the spooky holiday.

Every hero has a backstory, and Eddie’s backstory will shine more light on the lovable rocker and just how he came to be the excellent leader and Hellfire Club president we all loved.

Flight of Icarus to focus on Eddie Munson’s backstory

Scheiderhan seems just as excited as fans with this announcement as the author spoke to Tudum regarding the upcoming prequel.

Of the favored character, Schneiderhan said, “Eddie is a person who is unfailingly, unapologetically himself, which is irresistible enough on its own. But add on the fact that he encourages the people around him to be the same? Who wouldn’t want to be friends with that guy?”

How did he become this incredible and unapologetically unique person? That’s what Flight of Icarus is for — to see this hero’s (possibly) humble beginnings.

Schneiderhan added that readers will meet the characters from Eddie’s past (good and bad) who shaped him and some of the events that led to his development.

“Meeting the characters from Eddie’s past who — for better or worse — had a part in shaping who he is was one of the most rewarding parts of exploring this story,” the writer continued. “I can’t wait for the fans to meet them too! Eddie, this is for you!”

The plot for Eddie Munson’s prequel Flight of Icarus

Tudum provided a lengthy synopsis for the upcoming story, beginning about two years before Stranger Things Season 4.

The prequel will follow Eddie as he chases his dreams of escaping Hawkins. Although it’s a nice small town for most, it’s truly a nightmare for the metalhead.

He’s almost done with high school, using his last year there to focus on Dungeons & Dragons and rocking out with his band when he meets someone who could change his life forever.

Paige is another Hawkins outcast who made it out of the small town, got a job working for a record producer in LA, and shows respect for Eddie and his interests.

Eddie has to work out a way to save up some money to get a chance at a record deal with Paige, and along with his career, Eddie is dealing with his unreliable dad, Al, returning.

Flight of Icarus sounds like the perfect small-town novel about a teenager who has to get out to be themselves, but the title and events of Season 4 lead to a separate outcome. Perhaps more akin to the tale of Icarus, Eddie could be flying too close to the sun.

Stranger Things Seasons 1-4 are now streaming on Netflix.

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