Stranger Things actor Finn Wolfhard hints at a 2022 release for Season 4

actor finn wolfhard of stranger things
Actor Finn Wolfhard says he was stalked by adult fans at age 13. Pic credit: Hasegawa/

Fans have been waiting patiently for updates on Season 4 of Stranger Things and, thankfully, actor Finn Wolfhard has been a gracious giver.

Back in February, he shared that this upcoming season will be the “darkest ever” and now, he seems to have hinted at a 2022 release date — much to the dismay of his fans.

This is an exceptionally long time to wait between seasons. Season 3 premiered almost two years ago, back in July 2019.

For the series, this has been the longest wait thus far between seasons, with the show’s first two seasons only being separated by a year. Then there was a year and nine months between seasons two and three. With an estimated release date in 2022, that could possibly signify a three-year wait.

What has been said about Season 4? 

Getting straight to the scoop, Wolfhard’s comments were shared by the Twitter fan account Stranger Things Spoilers. In a tweet, they wrote, “BREAKING: According to Finn Wolfhard, #StrangerThings4 will hopefully be released next year.”

actor finn wolfhard of stranger things
Actor Finn Wolfhard hints at a Stranger Things 4 release in 2022 Pic credit:

Underneath, they shared a video from a website called Fanmio, which allows fans to have personal “1-on-1” video chats and experiences with celebrities. Stranger Things actors Finn Wolfhard and Noah Schnapp have both used the app before, with Schnapp currently using it. His current fan experiences start at $29.99. 

In a recent conversation with a fan on the website, Wolfhard was asked, “Do you know when Season 4 is coming out?” He responds, “Season 4? It should be out sometime next year, hopefully. But it’s been really fun, yeah.”

Fans are upset about the long wait 

As one can expect, fans aren’t too happy to hear that Season 4 may not be released on Netflix for another year. Season 3 ended on a rather sad note and had a major cliffhanger, marking the disappearance and undetermined future of the loved character Chief Jim Hopper (David Harbour). 

It also showed Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) moving away from Hawkins, Indiana, leaving behind her boyfriend Mike Wheeler (Wolfhard) and her friends. 

The situation between the fan-favorite couple Nancy Wheeler (Natalia Dyer) and Jonathan Byers (Charlie Heaton) is very similar as the Wheelers departed the demented city to try and escape from Will Byer’s (Schnapp) connection to the Upside Down.

Many fans seem sympathetic about the show’s coronavirus-related delays and production hiccups; however, they are desperate for some new teasers and official updates. Some have stated in the “spoiler” video’s comment section that they are “losing interest” in the series due to the lack of new information from the show’s social media accounts. 

Stranger Things is currently streaming on Netflix.

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