Station 19 return date: When does the show come back on in 2021?

Station 19 Finale
The Station 19 cast won’t be seen in new episodes for a while. Pic credit: ABC

The Station 19 fall finale certainly brought the drama, didn’t it? Season 4, Episode 5 was called Out of Control and a lot of it ended up revolving around some of the crew making a rescue while off duty.

There could be repercussions coming from those choices, even though lives were saved, which has only raised the interest level from fans for the 2021 Station 19 return date.

Now, though, the wait begins, as the winter hiatus for Station 19 has begun at ABC. We aren’t going to see new episodes of the show for a while, which could definitely keep people talking during the cold winter months.

That fact could lead to a lot of frustrations from fans due to only five episodes of the show airing before it started the long winter hiatus.

When does the show come back in 2021?

The 2021 Station 19 return date is set for March 4. Nope, that’s not a typo there. ABC is holding back new episodes of the show for almost three months.

Due to getting a late start this season because of the coronavirus pandemic and increased safety protocols when it comes to the production of new episodes, Season 4 is going to seem shorter for the ABC drama.

When the show finally does return in March, though, it will allow the network to air episodes for many continuous weeks without breaking up the episodes too much. At least that will help with the continuity and with the viewing schedules of fans.

The real downside, of course, is that March 4 seems so far away, especially since there were a lot of unresolved plot points within the show that will remain that way for the time being.

More hints at a Station 19 spin-off getting made?

Recently, we posted about how it looked like Station 19 was setting itself up for a spin-off show based on the Seattle Police Department. That seems to be even more likely after what we all just watched on Thursday night.

Back when Chicago Fire was really getting started on NBC, there were several storylines that tied to dirty cops and Hank Voight in particular. It was used as the backstory to create Chicago P.D. at the network and the similarities between what happened there and what is starting to surface on Station 19 are very recognizable.

If this does end up being the final season of Grey’s Anatomy, as actress Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey) has hinted at, it would definitely make sense for ABC to roll out a Station 19 spin-off in order to keep fan interest.

It’s something we can think about as we begin the long wait for the 2021 Station 19 return date.

Station 19 airs Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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Brandi ammay
Brandi ammay
2 years ago

I just eant to say if they end up doing a spin off because the last episode showed how things happen a lot of the times when black people aren’t doing anything really wrong and a how black families are not the priority when their children are missing or killed then they are proving that there is still major racism and they will cover it up rather then try and help change the problem