Stars of Hallmark’s Good Witch share photos ahead of series finale

Catherine Bell as Cassie Nightingale in the series finale of Hallmark Channel's Good Witch.
Catherine Bell as Cassie Nightingale in Hallmark Channel’s Good Witch. Bell chatted with fans on Instagram Live prior to the series finale on July 25. Pic credit: Crown Media

Stars of Hallmark Channel’s Good Witch took to social media Sunday to shares photos and messages ahead of the series finale.

“My heart is bursting! I can’t believe 7 years of @goodwitchtv is coming to an end,” Kylee Evans wrote in an Instagram post. “This show, this cast, this crew, this experience has changed my life forever.”

Series star Catherine Bell appeared on Instagram Live at 2:30 to chat with fans who checked in from around the world.

She also shared posters from each of the eight movies that accompanied the TV series, starting with the 2008 film that started it all, The Good Witch.

Sunday night’s episode, The Wedding, will mark the end of both Season 7 and the series. In previews, the Merriwick women do battle with a supernatural force to save their powers from the effects of the red-haloed moon.

In last week’s episode, Joy, Abigail, and Cassie grew weaker as they searched Grey House for an amulet that could protect them from the moon’s powers. They also began blurting out premonitions that revealed secrets to the people helping them search.

Joy tells Martha that Tom is keeping something from her. When she confronts him, he explains he needs heart surgery but was afraid to tell her.

Abigail tells Adam that she knows he wants to kiss Stephanie. He later does, and they admit to each other that they want to be together again.

Abigail also blurts out that Donovan’s parents are living separately. Dottie explains to her son that she and his father are considering a divorce.

When Zoey arrives at Grey House, Joy tells her she is a witch. Zoey is concerned that Joy has used her powers to influence their relationship. Joy tells her she would never do that.

Family legacy

In the midst of the search, Cassie talks with the ghost of her parents. Her mother explains how the family came by its powers. She says an ancestor, Fortune Merriwick, took in a sick, elderly woman no one else in the town would help. The woman died on the night of the red-haloed moon but first transferred her powers to the Merriwicks. If they can’t find the protective amulets, they will lose their powers, possibly their lives. Soon after, Cassie collapses.

In a Facebook Live event on July 23, Catherine Bell said the cast filmed two endings for the season. Previews released by Hallmark show Joy and Cassie wishing Tom and Martha goodbye, suggesting that the Merriwicks come out of the ordeal safely.

Fan reaction

Fans are still reeling from the network’s July 9 announcement that the series would not be renewed for an eighth season. There are now two separate petitions on asking the network to reconsider its decision.

A statement from the network read, “We’re incredibly proud of the Good Witch. The franchise reached a natural conclusion after a remarkable 13-year run.”

In her Instagram Live, Catherine thanked fans for their kindness and loyalty. She also said she would miss her colleagues.

“I feel like we were just family,” she said. “We relied on each other. People have had babies. People have gotten married.”

She also expressed hope that the cast could come together for one last movie.

“I feel like we need one of those to wrap things up,” she said.

The series finale of Good Witch will air on Hallmark Channel Sunday, July 25 at 9/8c.

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