Squid Game Season 2: Netflix release date, cast, plot and everything else to know

The red light green light doll on Squid Game
With the release of Squid Game: The Challenge, viewers want to know when Squid Game Season 2 is coming. Pic credit: Netflix

Squid Game is Netflix’s most streamed television series in the history of the streaming giant.

When the K-drama hit Netflix in 2021, it quickly hit the number-one spot and stayed there for weeks.

As of July 2023, Squid Game still holds the top spot as the most streamed series in the history of Netflix, with 2.2 billion hours viewed.

For reference, the wildly popular Stranger Things, which has four seasons compared to Squid Game’s one, is in second place with 1.83 billion hours.

Right now, Squid Game is trending on Netflix again after the series premiere of the reality TV spinoff Squid Game: The Challenge.

That has viewers asking once again whether Season 2 of Squid Game is coming and, more importantly, when.

When will Squid Game Season 2 hit Netflix?

The return of Squid Game was confirmed in June 2022 when Netflix ordered Season 2 of the uber-popular series.

From that point, the wait was on, and the anticipation was high with no release date in sight.

In February 2023, Lee Jung-jae told Koren-language Ilgan Sports (via All K-Pop) that Squid Game Season 2 “will begin filming in the summer, and the filming will likely last for about 10 months. We were also working on season 1 for about 10 months, but that was with delays caused by COVID-19. But seeing as season 2 will be bigger in scale, it will probably take longer to complete.”

This means that filming will run into the spring of 2024 and that Season 2 of the show will get a Fall 2024 premiere date – at the earliest.

Considering that the first season came out on September 21, 2021, Season 2 should drop roughly two years later.

That would also mean that the second season of Squid Game: The Challenge would follow right after the main show, making it even more popular than it is right now.

Who has been cast for Squid Game Season 2, and what is the plot?

Another burning question about Season 2 of Squid Game is: who will be in the cast? And that’s worth asking because, as viewers know, most of the original cast is now dead, so they will have to bring in a host of new characters and a few key cast members from the first season.

Lee Jung-jae will be returning and has shed some light on who else will return and how Season 2 might play out.

He told Ilgan Sports, “It’s probably safe to assume that. As we all saw at the end of season 1, the main plot of season 2 will be revenge, and the key figure who controlled the workings of the games in season 1 was Lee Byung Hun sunbae, so it seems that the two of us will be the central figures of this next story.”

Wi Ha-jun, who plays Hwang Jun-ho, will also return. Viewers will remember him as the detective who snuck into the Squid Game to search for his lost brother. Also returning is Gong Yoo, who plays the Recruiter.

Many new cast members have joined the show, including Yim Si-wan, Kang Ha-neul, and Park Gyu-young. However, their roles haven’t been revealed yet, and we’ll have to wait for the series to return to see how they fit in.

Squid Game Season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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