Why isn’t The Bold and the Beautiful on today and when does it return?

Thorsten Kaye and Don Diamont as Ridge and Bill on The Bold and the Beautiful.
Ridge and Bill teamed up on The Bold and the Beautiful. Pic credit: CBS

The Bold and the Beautiful isn’t on today, and viewers wonder what happened to their favorite CBS soap.

After a shocking cliffhanger, the CBS soap is on a brief hiatus.

It’s March, which means it’s time for March Madness. Every year, The Bold and the Beautiful is preempted for the Thursday, and Friday shows so that CBS can air the basketball coverage.

That’s okay, though.

March Madness will only preempt two episodes of the CBS soap and will return to a regular schedule next week.

Even though the show only aired three new episodes this week, the ending of Wednesday’s show packed a punch.

Bill and Ridge?

By a show of hands, who saw the Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) and Bill (Don Diamont) team-up coming? Only a few?

Those last few minutes of Wednesday’s episode made fans’ jaws drop.

Ridge was in an FBI room, and Bill walked in to speak with him.

Suddenly, the whole Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) and Bill scenario made sense.

It’s been weeks of confusion about why The Bold and the Beautiful writers would put the couple together. It was shock value, but everything else didn’t make sense, especially when the chemistry between Sheila and Deacon (Sean Kanan) was palpable.

As the two frenemies work together to bring down a common enemy, the rest of the people in their lives have no idea what they’re up to.

Ridge has been missing from the canvas for weeks, and Bill’s sons, Liam (Scott Clifton) and Wyatt (Darin Brooks), have been questioning his relationship with Sheila.

What’s coming up on The Bold and the Beautiful?

After two days of preemptions and the weekend coming up, The Bold and the Beautiful will be back to normal on Monday, March 20.

The fallout from Hope’s (Annika Noelle) decision to override Liam’s request and work with Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) is coming. He isn’t going to be happy, even though the news of Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri) coming home is joyous.

Liam just had a long conversation with Wyatt about how Hope was saying no, and now, he’s learned she has decided to give him another chance. This isn’t good news, and it may jeopardize their marriage.

Hopefully, more about Ridge and Bill’s plan will be revealed, especially as Sheila suspects something is up. Bill is risking a lot to ensure she goes away for good, including his relationships with his family.

Monday will bring new episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful; until then, there is plenty to speculate on.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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1 year ago

I think Thomas will clean up his act/work/life BUT it has left a black mark on Douglas who wants Liam out of the picture.

1 year ago

Hopefully, Bill and Ridge will bring Shelia down, also Deacon’s true colors. Ridge just may end up with Brooke again. Taylor may fall for Bill because of this really cool psychological maneuver.