Who plays Chance on The Young and the Restless?

Donny Boaz on the red carpet.
Donny Boaz was cast as Chance on The Young and the Restless. Pic credit: @ImageCollect/Admedia

The wait is over for The Young and the Restless fans wondering if they’ll ever see Phillip aka Chance Chancellor back in Genoa City. The role has been filled by Donny Boaz who debuts Friday, November 8.

And according to the daytime newbie, his won’t be a fly by night appearance as the actor tweeted that he’s signed a multi-year deal.

He shared that he’s, “now been working on “The Young and the Restless” for 6 weeks. And now, I finally get to share it with my friends and family. I will be playing Chance…”

The actor also spilled that fans won’t want to miss the following week’s episodes, presumably when Chance makes the rounds makes his grand entrance.

This is Donny Boaz’s first soap and he has numerous credits to his name including NCIS: New Orleans, Daytime Divas, Billy and the Bandit, Flip Turn, and the Lifetime movie, Hometown Christmas.

So far we know that Chance has been in cahoots with a devilish Adam (Mark Grossman) in Las Vegas. He’s also been implicated in the Chancellor will debacle that has enveloped Devon (Bryton James) and Cane (Daniel Goddard).

We also know that his grandmother Jill (Jess Walton) is certain that her upstanding grandson could not be wrapped up in any sort of scandal, he’s just not like that!

Has Chance turned a dark corner? We shall soon see.

In the meantime, for viewers who may not remember Chance, a bit of his background is in order. His mother is Nina (Tricia Cast), and the late Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper), whose will has been a major storyline recently, also has a special connection to him.

In the past Chance was involved with Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson), so it’s a sure bet that he will touch base with her upon his return. Not so sure is how Adam will react to having his partner in crime back in town!

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.

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