Who is the mystery person on Days of Our Lives?

The Mystery Person on Days of Our Lives
The mystery person on Days of Our Lives isn’t there to do good deeds! Pic credit: Greg Gayne/NBC

Days of Our Lives fans are wondering who is the mystery person skulking around in Chloe’s room at Salem Inn, and the masked guy isn’t there to deliver room service! The scary guy is up to no good, and figures prominently in the bombshell drama that is set to unfold in an epic Friday cliffhanger!

First the good news: Nicole (Arianne Zucker) is back in Salem. The bad news? Her baby, Holly, is kidnapped!

Holly has been taken care of by Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) while her mom Nicole was busy being presumed dead.

But Chloe has problems of her own, mainly being stalked by a deranged Mexican cartel that has not forgiven nor forgotten that she killed their beloved overlord.

The crazy cartel members have been raising Cain all over town, kidnapping residents and just running amuck in general.

Yesterday a masked intruder broke into Chloe’s room and was seen picking up one of Holly’s dolls. Just then, Chloe came back, talking to Stefan (Brandon Barash) about their upcoming hot date. Ew!

She hears a noise, calls out, but gets no response. Later the thug takes off. Will he be back to kidnap the baby?

Chances are good to excellent that he takes the tot when Chloe leaves her alone and gets her groove on with Stefan!

But looks can be deceiving, especially when one is wearing head to toe black that covers everything except his nose. Could this clever con actually be Xander (Paul Telfer)?  If so, it’s a pity all that fabric is covering up his beautiful bod!

What we do know is that the precious infant goes missing and panic ensues, bringing all kinds of chaos to town, compounded by the fact that Nicole is back from the dead.

Could she have been so crafty as to kidnap her own daughter? The kidnapping is a jaw-dropping mystery you do not want to miss!

Days of our Lives airs weekdays during the day on NBC

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