Who is Gloria on General Hospital? Ellen Travolta returns after 27 years

Ellen Travolta as Gloria Cerullo on General Hospital
Gloria is back in Port Charles. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital is pulling out all of the stops for the Quartermaine Thanksgiving.

With Lois (Rena Sofer) in town, it only makes sense that she would invite her mother, Gloria (Ellen Travolta), to spend the holidays with her and her granddaughter, Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton).

Viewers who have watched the soap for years will know who Gloria is and be surprised when the original actress reprises the role she created in the mid-90s.

It’s been interesting to see Rena Sofer step back into the role she originated as Lois Cerullo, and now Ellen Travolta is back to do the same.

With Tracy (Jane Elliot) gone and Monica (Leslie Charleston) only mentioned on-screen but never seen, the writers had to do something to ensure the Quartermaine Thanksgiving happened.

After all, General Hospital’s Thanksgiving episode has featured the Quartermaines and their almost-turkey dinner for years. This year, though, they may not need to order pizza at the last minute.

Who is Gloria Cerullo?

Gloria Cerullo is Lois Cerullo’s mom. She was one of the moms in the Bensonhurst community that everyone knew.

She knows Olivia Falconeri (Lisa LoCicero) and Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) from back in the day, so her visit to Port Charles should be happy.

In the 90s, when Lois married Ned Quartermaine (Wally Kurth), Gloria debuted on General Hospital. She and her husband, Carmine (John Capodice), came to check on their daughter.

Ned wasn’t their favorite person, especially since he was married to Katherine Bell (Mary Beth Evans) simultaneously as their daughter. However, things eventually got sorted out, and when Ned and Lois remarried, Gloria let her feelings be known.

Lois knew what she wanted, but Gloria wanted her to have a big wedding with family and a priest, but her daughter wasn’t having that.

How long will Gloria be in Port Charles?

Gloria’s time in Port Charles will be short, likely just for Thanksgiving with her girls.

There hasn’t been an official comment about how long Ellen Travolta was tapped for, but given the circumstances with Eddie/Ned and Brook Lynn doing okay, Lois should be exiting the canvas soon, too.

Seeing Gloria and Lois together will be a blast from the past for long-time viewers, and General Hospital fans are looking forward to seeing what the Quartermaine Thanksgiving is all about this year.

Be sure to tune in to the Thanksgiving episode to see Ellen Travolta bring Gloria back to Port Charles after almost 30 years.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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