Roger Howarth leaving General Hospital — Actor pens goodbye message to soap fans

Roger Howarth as Austin on General Hospital
Roger Howarth is out at General Hospital. Pic credit: ABC

After quite a run in the daytime arena, Roger Howarth has exited General Hospital.

Viewers watched as Austin (played by Roger) was shot during Friday’s cliffhanger.

It was unclear at that point if he was done at the ABC soap or if it was just another November sweeps shocker.

Unfortunately, it turns out it was the former.

After a weekend of wondering what would become of Austin and whether Roger was exiting the show, the actor took to social media to reveal he had wrapped his run.

In typical Roger fashion, it was a message of gratitude for the daytime fans and life.

Roger Howarth confirms his General Hospital exit

Taking to Instagram, Roger Howarth revealed he was done on General Hospital.

The actor wrote, “Still life with coffee and rabbit ears Three things that I know for sure… 1 Daytime fans are lovely and amazing and supportive and dedicated and I am deeply grateful to each sparkly one of them. 2 I enjoyed my time at general hospital and wish the cast and crew the best and continued success. It was a pleasure working with you all. 3 Life is amazing. We just don’t Ever know what’s gonna happen. How great! Turn toward the light. Always. Huge thank you to you all.”

Roger Howarth's goodbye message
Roger Howarth confirmed his General Hospital exit. Pic credit: @therealrogerhowarth/Instagram

When will Roger’s final air date happen?

While Roger Howarth confirmed that he was done at General Hospital, he didn’t reveal when he would last air.

It should be in the coming days, as it wasn’t addressed on Monday’s episode, but it will likely happen sometime this week or next.

With Thanksgiving happening in Port Charles, other storylines have seemingly moved front and center.

Austin wasn’t a beloved character — nothing like Todd Manning was on One Life to Live. Todd was the character Roger brought to General Hospital. Unfortunately, due to a dispute between ABC and Prospect Park, the writers had to write out Todd and bring back Roger as Franco Baldwin. They did something similar with Michael Easton when he came in as John McBain but was written out and brought back as Silas Clay.

It’s been quite the ride for Roger on General Hospital, with three characters under his belt. He has held the role of Austin Gatlin-Holt since 2021, and now viewers know the ending of his story.

So long, Roger, so long!

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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