Who is Chelsea on Days of our Lives?

Rachel Melvin as Chelsea Brady on Days.
Chelsea returned to Salem for Victor’s funeral on Days. Pic credit: Peacock

Who is Chelsea on Days of our Lives? That’s the question some fans are asking after the character popped up on the show today.

Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) arrived in Salem to pay tribute to her grandfather Victor’s (John Aniston) funeral.

The character was introduced to several people in the Kiriakis family, like Alex (Robert Scott Wilson) and Maggie’s (Suzanne Rogers) daughter, Sarah (Linsey Godfrey).

Chelsea has been out of Salem for years, so she didn’t know everyone attending the memorial.

That’s also why we thought it would be a good time for a little refresher on the character.

After all, she had quite a memorable storyline during her time on the hit Peacock soap opera.

Who is Chelsea on Days of our Lives?

Chelsea appeared on Days in November 2004, with actress Mandy Musgrave originating the role.

In May 2005, Rachel Melvin took over, making the character her own. Rachel stayed in the role until Chelsea left Salem in June 2009,

Introduced as a teen, Chelsea was a friend of Abigail’s (then Ashley Benson). Chelsea was a troublemaker who set her sights on Mimi’s (Farah Fath) older brother, Patrick (Brody Hutzler), even drugging him to get him away from Billie (then-Julie Pinson).

When Chelsea’s parents were killed in a car accident, it was discovered that Bo (Peter Reckell) and Billie were her biological parents. In true soap opera fashion, Chelsea was not a fan of Billie’s at the time.

However, that all changed after Chelsea accidentally ran over her little brother Zach and killed him. Billie initially took the blame to protect her daughter and Bo, but the truth eventually came out, fracturing the family.

Bo and Chelsea managed to rebuild their relationship despite some reluctance from Hope (Kristian Alfonso) at first. Later, Chelsea donated part of her liver pancreas to save Bo’s life, bringing the family together again.

During her time in Salem, Chelsea had a very active personal life.

Chelsea Brady’s dating life on Days

After the ordeal of her killing Zach, Chelsea began to talk to someone online, only to discover it was Nick Fallon (Blake Berris). Chelsea didn’t feel the same as him at the time, so Nick slept with Billie.

Then, of course, Chelsea began to have feelings for Nick, and they started to date. However, she eventually learned he hooked up with Billie. The relationship ended because Chelsea couldn’t forgive him.

Stephanie (then-Shelley Hennig) and Chelsea pledged a sorority together only to discover that Ford Decker (Matthew Florida) had raped one of their sorority sisters. Chelsea used herself as bait to get him to confess, but Ford fell to his death.

Lucky for Chelsea, Victor was there to convince Ford’s father it was in his best interest not to pursue a case against his granddaughter.

When Bo got sick, Chelsea fell for hunky doctor Daniel Jonas (Shawn Christian). Despite the age difference, they dated until she learned he also slept with her grandmother, Kate (Lauren Koslow).

Max (Darin Brooks) was there for Chelsea, and the two fell in love. After Chelsea had to leave Salem to help her mom in England, Max joined her. As Days of our Lives fans learned, Chelsea and Max are still together and are new parents to a newborn son, Issac.

There you have it, Days fans, a brief Chelsea refresher!

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on Peacock.

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