Who is Anjelica Deveraux on Days of our Lives?

Morgan Fairchild as Anjelica Deveraux on Days of our Lives
Despite being gone, Anjelica Deveraux is still wreaking havoc in Salem! Pic credit: NBC

On Days of our Lives, Anjelica Deveraux is gone but not forgotten! Played by the incomparable Morgan Fairchild, the character was nothing but a sizzling skillet of trouble when alive, and now that she’s gone, she’s still making waves!

Anjelica’s name was on the lips of Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) and Bonnie (Judi Evans) yesterday as they argued over the shocking news that Bonnie had his baby in secret. Of course, if you haven’t tuned in in roughly nine months, this would have been a mystery on par with immaculate conception since Bonnie is currently in jail on a variety of crazy charges.

But in reality, Bonnie was juiced and on the loose when she apparently slept with Lucas. This was all because of Anjelica Deveraux and her naughty plan to have Bonnie impersonate Adrienne (Judi Evans). Out of nowhere, Bonnie fell hard for Lucas who was one of Anjelica’s targets.


In a crazy, soaplicious turn of events, the poor guy was drugged and we saw both Bonnie and Anjelica in bed with the zombie.

Fast forward almost a year later, and Bonnie is claiming that she and Lucas produced a spawn from that night of unconscious bliss. Who’s the real baby momma if there even is one?

Don’t miss today’s episode when the truth becomes much clearer! Bonnie and Lucas have a showdown behind bars that culminate with Sheila (Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins), popping up with a real live baby in her arms!

Lucas is gobsmacked when Bonnie claims it is theirs. But with master con Sheila a part of this wacky storyline, you know there’s got to be way more to this fantastic storyline!

And to think, it was the late, great, Anjelica Deveraux who set this whole chain of stunning events in motion!

Days of our Lives airs weekdays during on NBC.

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