When will Days of our Lives run out of new episodes?

How many episodes did Days of our Lives have shot before production shut down.
Fans are worried Days will run out of new episodes soon. Pic credit: NBC

When will Days of our Lives run out of new episodes? That is the question on fans’ minds since The Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless ran out of new episodes last week.

CBS had been airing Flashback Fridays in an attempt to make their already shot shows last longer. However, it wasn’t long enough, and now Y&R, as well as B&B, are airing classic episodes. The network is packaging the vintage shows as theme weeks.

When will Days run out of new episodes?

There is good news for Days of our Lives fans. The NBC soap opera will not run out of new episodes until the fall. Oh yes, thanks to a rigorous production schedule, there are months of shows in the can.

Unlike the three other daytime dramas, which shoot four to six weeks in advance, Days shoots nearly eight months in advance. There are various reasons the show is so far ahead, but the main reason is money.

Although there is no specific date or month the show has episodes through, some cast departures were confirmed for September. Back in February, news broke that Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith had filmed their last scenes. Their final airdate was revealed to be September 18.

Based on Freddie and Chandler’s last filmed scenes and final air date, it means Days had likely filmed scenes well into October. Head writer Ron Carlivati confirmed the soap opera was not in danger of running out of new episodes via a tweet that caused some backlash.

Ron retweeted an article about CBS daytime dramas airing classic episodes but said Days of our Lives has plenty of shows in the can. Some Twitter users felt he was gloating during a time when so many are struggling.

NBC schedule changes could impact Days of our Lives episodes

First, viewers are aware the show has been interrupted or preempted by various news briefings on the coronavirus. NBC does not push episodes to the next day. Instead, fans can watch the show on the DOOL app, NBC app, and Hulu Live the same day or on demand the next day.

Two NBC schedule changes could make the soap opera’s episodes not last as long. The French Open and Summer Olympics were scheduled to preempt the show for several days. However, those events have been postponed, clearing the way for Days to air instead.

Even if production on the daytime drama doesn’t resume until a much later date, the show has enough episodes to keep fans entertained for months.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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