What’s wrong with Doug on Days of our Lives?

Doug Williams on Days of our Lives: What's wrong with him and how old is he?
Doug isn’t acting like himself on Days of our Lives, but Julie refuses to see it. Pic credit: NBC

What’s wrong with Doug on Days of our Lives is the question on viewers’ minds after the recent episode where the character was acting strange.

Doug (Bill Hayes) and Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) are legendary on the hit NBC soap opera. The fact that Susan and Bill have been a real-life couple as long as Julie and Doug have has only made fans adore the characters more.

Julie and Doug have been together since the 1970s. Like all couples in Salem, they have faced a slew of obstacles.

Now the supercouple will have an obstacle neither one of them is prepared to face. It will also hit home with many Days fans.

How old is Doug from Days of our Lives?

On the recent episode of the long-time daytime drama, viewers watched as Julie tried to justify Doug locking her in the freezer to Jack (Matthew Ashford). Julie believes Doug was protecting her from robbers and has been kidnapped.

In true Julie fashion, she freaks out because Doug is 96 years old and in danger. She’s ready to run off searching for her husband when Roman (Josh Taylor) calls, revealing Doug is at the pub.

What’s wrong with Doug on Days?

There is no question something is off with Doug. Locking his beloved wife in a freezer is not like him.

Plus, Doug called Roman John (Drake Hogestyn) and referred to Marlena (Deidre Hall) as Vivian (Louise Sorel). The mix-up of details brought out concern from Roman, who expressed his worries to Jack.

Days of our Lives spoilers tease Julie won’t accept that something is wrong with her husband.

While Julie isn’t budging on having Doug checked out, Jack suggests to Gwen (Emily O’Brien) that Doug has dementia or something along those lines. Yes, it appears the writers are gearing to for an Alzheimer’s story featuring Doug and Julie.

General Hospital and The Young and the Restless both did pivotal storylines on the subject over the last couple of years. Max Gail and Maurice Bénard won Daytime Emmy Awards for their performance in the GH Alzheimer’s storyline.

Then again, the writers could have something completely different in store for Doug and are just trying to make viewers believe the story is going in a certain direction. Anything is possible on Days of our Lives.

Whatever ends up being wrong with Doug, one thing is for sure. Fans are in for one compelling storyline featuring a legendary super couple.

Do you think Doug has Alzheimer’s?

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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Michael Anthony
Michael Anthony
2 years ago

Doug is 96 years old! Anything is possible. Maybe he has Dementia. Maybe it’s time for him to retire.