What is wrong with Britt on General Hospital?

Kelly Thiebaud as Britt on General Hospital.
Britt is dealing with a mystery illness. Pic credit: ABC

When Britt (Kelly Thiebaud) returned to General Hospital, viewers were sure it was to help Cyrus (Jeff Kober) take over the city and use the hospital to push his drugs.

There were hints of chemistry between her and Jason (Steve Burton), which had some fans riled up. The scene where she visited him in jail was touching, but the noticeable shaking of her hands started heavy speculation.

So, is something wrong with Britt on General Hospital?

Her symptoms

The tremors in Britt’s hands have been noticeable for weeks. She has been attempting to see a doctor at another hospital, making it seem urgent that she been seen.

It is likely Huntington’s disease, though. Faison (Anders Hove) was diagnosed with it, and Peter was worried he would be a carrier of it. While the ABC soap hasn’t come out and said that is what it is, the tie to her dad and the symptoms all fit.

Initially, the shaking hands were noticed late last year, and since then, they have become more noticeable. In fact, in the scene at the jail, Jason also noticed her hands and looked concerned.

On the most recent General Hospital episode, Britt was with Maxie (Kirsten Storms) and Liesl (Kathleen Gati) in a room at the hospital. She was fixated on her hands, shaking them and wringing them. She also shouted in pain, which startled both Maxie and Liesl, heightening the suspicions that her symptoms are worsening.

Is this Britt’s exit from General Hospital?

Currently, she and Maxie are working on a plan to deceive Peter (Wes Ramsey). They want him to believe his baby girl died, and they will make sure she remains safe until Maxie and her daughter can reunite once he is caught or gone for good.

Will Britt sacrifice it all to take her niece on the run? If she uses her treatment as her exit from Port Charles, it could work. This could also be the end of her character on the show. There are a lot of possibilities and not many answers right now.

Groundwork is being laid, but where it goes remains to be seen. The writers have done their homework dropping clues in scenes and the viewers have picked up on it. Having Britt fall ill with her father’s disease instead of her two brothers wasn’t done by mistake, but will will the end result bring?

Be sure to tune in each day to keep up with the latest on Britt’s mystery condition.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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3 years ago

Brit is suppose to take Maxie’s baby. Brit will probably die & no one including Maxie will know where the baby is.