What happened to Molly on General Hospital?

Brooke Anne Smith selfie
Brooke Anne Smith is the new Molly on General Hospital. Pic credit: @brookeannesmith/Instagram

General Hospital writers have put Molly in a front-burner storyline after years of her being a secondary character.

Haley Pullos held the role for over a decade.

Unfortunately, the actress got into legal trouble after a wrong-way accident in April.

Initially, Haley reported that her role as Molly on General Hospital would be recast due to an accident she was involved in. It was temporary then, and the truth surrounding what happened was made public.

She was reportedly under the influence behind the wheel and entered the freeway the wrong way. She hit a driver head-on and caused serious injuries. Shortly after the incident was made public, Haley entered a rehab facility.

Holiday Mia Kriegel was tapped to fill in for Haley as she recovered from the accident and held the role for two months. But that changed when a new Molly was seen on screen this week.

Who plays Molly on General Hospital?

Haley Pullos was in the role for over a decade, and Holiday Mia Kriegel took over following her car accident, but there’s a new Moly Lansing-Davis in Port Charles.

Brooke Anne Smith debuted this week in the role of Molly.

What happened to Holiday is unclear, but Brooke appears to vibe better within the role. Her initial scenes were shot with Kelly Monaco, who plays Sam, the oldest of the Davis girls. Their chemistry seemed good, and viewers will see Brooke interact with Kate Mansi, who plays the role of Kristina, the middle Davis girl.

Viewers may recognize Brooke as Shelby Hayes from Too Close To Home. It was a short-lived series, but she was excellent in the role.

It’s rumored that Haley was let go from the ABC soap after the truth about what happened came out, and she was officially charged. However, no one has spoken out to confirm that.

What is happening with Molly on General Hospital?

Molly is involved in a huge infertility storyline, including using a possible surrogate to have a baby.

She and TJ (Tajh Bellow) had been trying to get pregnant, and when they went for testing, it was discovered that endometriosis was Molly’s issue.

As the story continues to play out, Brooke Anne Smith has stepped into the role and will continue to tell the important and relatable story. It’s taken a toll on Molly and TJ’s relationship and caused strife among the sisters.

It’s expected this story will continue through the fall at the very least.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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2 months ago

Frank destroyed the Davis girls. 1st he let go Lexi who had been playing Kristina since she was 16, earned 2 Emmy noms…winning one without any drama, but he chooses to give a storyline inspired by Lexi’s health issues to Molly who nearly kills someone and yells to the first responders not to touch her $400 shirt. He has poor judgement.