General Hospital star Haley Pullos reportedly enters treatment

Haley Pullos on the red carpet.
Haley Pullos reportedly entered a treatment facility. Pic credit: © Bennight/AdMedia

General Hospital star Haley Pullos reportedly entered a treatment facility following a recent DUI arrest.

The soap actress revealed that her role would be temporarily recast while she recovered from a car accident but didn’t give any details beyond that.

Earlier this week, news came out that Haley was involved in a wrong-way crash on a freeway, which she had to be rescued from her car. The driver of the other vehicle, which she hit head-on, sustained serious injuries.

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At the scene, police reportedly found marijuana edibles and mini bottles of tequila.

There were also reports that Haley was combative with personnel who attempted to help her, including those at the scene and then at the hospital, where she was taken following the accident.

It seems that treatment is the next step for Haley Pullos.

Haley Pullos enters a Malibu treatment facility

New reports indicate that following the DUI arrest being made public, Haley Pullos entered a treatment facility.

The Daily Mail revealed that her father drove Haley to a treatment facility.

It isn’t clear what she is seeking treatment for as the treatment center offers various programs that provide drug and alcohol counseling, detox, and other various tools to help people who are battling problems they can’t fix themselves.

Interestingly, the facility boasts luxury accommodations as patients deal with their issues.

Now, details about how long Haley will be in treatment and what she is getting help for aren’t clear. The General Hospital actress hasn’t spoken out about the arrest or anything related to what she’s dealing with now.

As for whether she will have a job to return to also remains unclear.

General Hospital viewers call for Haley Pullos to be fired

Many opinions about what Haley Pullos could have or should have done have surfaced. General Hospital viewers have weighed in on the situation, and many are outraged by what happened.

There have been plenty of calls for her to be fired from her role, including mentioning other actors they feel were fired for much less.

One commented, “She should only be fired if she has to breach her contract dealing with the fallout. They already fired two actors for not getting a pretend vaccine (or was it for being conservative). Two wrongs don’t make a right. She shouldn’t lose her job over a mistake in her personal life.”

Another said, “My prayers are with the victim of Haley Pullos who is one of General Hospital stars. She needs to pay for her multiple DUIs by being fired & going to prison. Then work at a morgue and see dead bodies after the kind of car crash that she did do to others.”

One more agreed she “needs to be fired.”

Comments about Haley Pullos.
Pic credit: @FairMinded_1/@BobsFavDaughter/@WinkiesWord/@GeneralHospital/Twitter

What happens next for Haley Pullos remains to be seen. Since she hasn’t released a statement and is reportedly seeking treatment, it may be a while before any decisions are made.

General Hospital airs on weekdays on ABC.

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8 months ago

Nobody is Perfect , people make mistakes big or small, pray that she is now getting help..but I do not agree that she should get fired just like I dont agree they fired Jason and Jax for not getting vaccinated..Give the girl a break..THOSE WITHOUY SIN CAST THE 1ST STONE..Lets just pray for everyone involved in the acci3 and thank God she is getting help..# team Haley!! ???

8 months ago

Wow, how judgemental people are. Let the one without sin cast the first stone! It was horrible what happened but she shouldn’t be fired because she made a mistake. A mistake that she will have to live with for the rest of her life. Mad she got behind a wheel and drove and I am sure she will regret it.

Patsy mills
Patsy mills
8 months ago

She’s net to keep her job and take care of her self love her on general

Donna Oravetz
Donna Oravetz
8 months ago

I don’t blame Haley Pullos if she has an addiction. It is a disease. I do blame her for getting behind the wheel and becoming a deadly weapon with no regard for human life. She comes across as a spoiled and entitled brat who cared more about her $400 T-shirt than the man she critically injured. And now she’s in a luxury rehab? Makes me sick!! I feel she should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If GH doesnt fire her I will never watch it again. Especially after what they did to Steve Burton & Ingo Rademacher!! Unbelievable!!