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What happened to Jennifer on Days of our Lives?

Why is there a new Jennifer on Days of our Lives?
Jennifer has a new look and fans are a bit confused by the casting switch. Pic credit: NBC

What happened to Jennifer on Days of our Lives? It is the question on fans’ minds as a new face appeared in the role that has been claimed by Melissa Reeves for decades.

Cady McClain has taken over the character of Jennifer. She first appeared last week in a brief moment with Jack (Matthew Ashford). It was such a quick moment that fans didn’t even realize there was a new Jennifer.

Now, viewers wonder why Melissa is out and Cady is in as Jennifer Horton Deveraux.

Why did Melissa leave Days of our Lives?

Last month it was revealed Melissa had opted not to return to filming the NBC daytime drama amid the coronavirus pandemic. Production was shut down from March until September on Days of our Lives.

When it was time to report back to work, Melissa reportedly revealed she was not ready to return to California, where Days films. The actress lives in Nashville with her husband, General Hospital alum, Scott Reeves. Due to the current health climate, Melissa did not want to commute between Tennessee and California.

The couple’s growing family is also another reason Melissa is staying in Nashville. She and Scott became grandparents this year. Their son, Larry, and his wife, Oliva, welcomed son, Lawrence in September, while their daughter, Emily, and her husband, Nate, welcomed son, Woods in July.

Is Cady taking over the role of Jennifer permanently?

Cady taking over the role of Jennifer is reportedly only temporary. The casting change depends entirely on if, or when, Melissa feels comfortable flying amid the coronavirus pandemic.

There is a chance that Melissa may pull a Kristian Alfonso (Hope) and decide not to come back at all.

The good news is Cady is no stranger to soap opera fans. She is one talented actress who has earned quite a name for herself in the daytime industry. Cady is best known for her roles as Dixie Cooney Martin on All My Children and Rosanna Cabot on As The World Turns.

She has been happily married to GH star Jon Lindstrom for nearly six years. They met and fell in love while working together on ATWT.

Cady recently used Instagram to share some behind the scenes pictures of life on the NBC set. The actress praised the protocols the soap opera is taking to keep cast and crew safe. She also expressed her happiness over taking over such an iconic role on the show.

Cady on set of Days of our Lives as Jennifer Horton.
Pic credit: @cadymcclain/Instagram

It will undoubtedly take viewers a little while to get used to Cady McClain in the role of Jennifer Horton instead of Melissa Reeves. Hopefully, long-time fans will give her a chance.

There is a lot for fans to look forward to on the show, including Jennifer’s anniversary of waking up from a coma. During November sweeps, the party will take place, which means fans should be prepared for several jaw-dropping moments on the soap opera.

What do you think of the Jennifer recast?

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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  1. I think it will take some getting used to. I will have to see more of Cady to tell. I’m used to her being Dixie. But so far if Melissa has to be replaced, I feel she is about as good as you can get. I understand Melissa’s concerns about the commuting and filming. I don’t blame her at all.

  2. Sorry no one can replace Jennifer! She is a great actress and has been on for so long. There’s no way someone can replace her! I hope this gets cleared up soon so she can return!!

  3. OMG!, she looks like Jack’s grandma. This is the worst replacement after all these years.This shocked me more then Will and Sonny in bed for the first time, on a daytime soap opera. Just my opinion.

  4. OMG is this the best they could do? Like Jenny said, she looks like Jack’s grandmother and she’s not a good actress. Why can you companies pay the good actors what their worth so to stop loosing them????

    • They should have killed Jennifer off temporary until Melissa Reeves returns back to the show. I don’t want Matthew Ashford/Jack Deveraux to lose his job again but he should have new love interest now for change. Melissa Reeves/Jennifer she had other pairings outside of Jack the same thing for Jack. Days of our lives should stop double standards with Jack and Jennifer. Matthew Ashford/Jack Deveraux has lot of history on the show. They can bring Eve back for Jack or Nicole and Jack pairing. Jennifer is too wishy washy character now. Cady Mclain she doesn’t look like a Jennifer either. She looks old enough to be Jack’s mother or sister..

  5. Not happy at all with this long as Melissa is AM I…this show is turning into pot..Sonny Will ugh! Then Sierra leaves..then Hope???? And now this…Bye Days!!!


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