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What happened to Chanel on Days of our Lives?

Why is there a new actress playing Chanel on Days of our Lives?
Chanel has only been in Salem for a few months, and she already has a new face. Pic credit: NBC and CBS

Another casting switch-up has viewers asking what happened to Chanel on Days of our Lives. The character has a new face on the hit NBC soap opera.

Chanel Dupree (then Precious Way) has only been in Salem for a few months. The young lady made a splash in town when she stuck Tripp (Lucas Adams) and Claire (Isabel Durant) with a large boozy brunch bill, only to be busted by her mom Paulina (Jackée Harry).

It was quickly revealed Chanel had several ties to Salem. Lani (Sal Stowers) is her cousin. Theo (Cameron Johnson) is her ex-boyfriend, and Allie (Lindsay Arnold) was her friend in London.

What happened to Chanel on Days of our Lives?

Viewers were just getting used to Precious Way in the role of Chanel. The character was finding her footing, and fans were slowly warming up to her spoiled ways. Now Chanel has a new face that viewers will have to adjust to all over again.

So, what happened to Chanel on Days? Why did Precious Way leave the NBC soap opera?

It turns out the talented young actress had another opportunity too amazing to pass up.

According to Deadline, Precious was cast in Partners In Rhyme alongside MC Lyte. Precious plays an up-and-coming high-school rapper who thinks she’s the next Cardi B. The original scripted series will air on AMC Networks streamer UMC.

Precious shared a heartfelt goodbye to her Days of our Lives costars ahead of her final air date.

Who the new Chanel on Days?

Raven Bowens has taken over the role of Chanel Dupree. She first appeared today with no announcement during the episode that Raven was now playing the character.

Although Days of our Lives marks Raven’s first forte into the soap opera world, she is no stranger to the small screen. Raven played Adria Biles in the Lifetime movie, The Simone Biles Story: Courage to Soar.

The young actress also appeared on Mr. Student Body President, which streamed on go90. General Hospital star Haley Pullos (Molly) was also on the show. Most recently, Raven guest-starred on the CBS primetime drama All Rise.

Raven opened up about getting cast on Days in a heartfelt social media post announcing she was taking over the role of Chanel.

As for what’s next for Chanel, Days of our Lives spoilers tease the character reels from Paulina’s betrayal and leans on Allie for support. One thing is for sure. Chanel will continue to shake things up in Salem. Drama does tend to follow Chanel wherever she goes.

What do you think of the Chanel switcheroo?

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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  1. I wish they had mentioned the change during the show. I had to push pause and Google to see what happened. This actress is playing the part with mean expressions and Precious was becoming more likeable.

  2. Oh no, terrible casting. Not even close. She and Theo should get together, he was just as bad of a replacement. There are times it’s better just to write the character out, this was one of those times.

  3. They bring people back from the dead but can’t keep a person in a new role that you finally get use to. I can’t keep up any more…

  4. I already like the new Chanel, I hope she is not as stuck up as the previous actress played her, I could not stand her or her mother. But “so far” this new actress I like. Now if only they would run her mother out of town. Terrible addition to DOOL.

    • I wish it would keep it straight. How a bi- sexual between to women it is not right. I hope they change it before they lose fans.

  5. I HATE IT!! As soon as the new girl knocked on the door and Allie opened it, I knew there had been a switcheroo. Get rid of Paulina and the new Chanel because now both are no longer welcome.

  6. Nothing against the new actress playing Channel. But, I’m sure they could’ve worked around the opportunity that Precious Way had…like they do the others; unless she no longer wanted to be there, then that’s different matter. She was feisty, played the spoiled little rich girl to the hilt and that voice. She really does need to come back


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