Twitter blasts Chloe Lanier over her response to Camila Banus Lead Actress Daytime Emmy tweet

Twitter is furious at Chloe Lanier's response to Camila Banus Tweet.
Soap opera fans are sounding off on two tweets from two daytime stars this week. Pic credit: ©

Twitter users have blasted General Hospital’s, Chloe Lanier (Nelle Benson) over her response to Days of our Lives star, Camila Banus (Gabi Hernandez).

The DOOL actress sent out a tweet earlier this week regarding Hispanic representation in the Lead Actress category at the Daytime Emmy Awards. In that tweet, Camila expressed her frustration that there has never been a Hispanic woman nominated for Lead Actress.

She remarked that her peers in the industry do the judging — and the excluding. Camila called the Daytime Emmys “so white” and referred it is a “popularity contest.”

Chloe chose to respond by attempting to “educate” Camila on the voting process for the annual show.

She explained she has been a judge for the Emmy’s for three years and claimed that none of their peers would judge based on race. Chloe ended her tweet by saying it is a competition, with an overwhelming number of women submitting in the category each year.

Soap opera fans on Twitter were not happy with Chloe’s response for several reasons. One user pointed out Camila has over 11 years in the industry, while Chloe has three years.

It is safe the say the NBC star is fully aware of how the Daytime Emmy process works. Several fans felt it was obnoxious of Chloe to discredit the point Camila made by attempting to “school” the Days star.

Other Twitter users accused Chloe of trying to “whitesplain” the arguably flawed voting process at the Daytime Emmy’s. Someone even called out the GH actress, for turning a racial bias issue at the awards show into a lecture about the process.

There was even a tweet reminding Chloe that non-white people watch soap operas, and she needs to realize those people also keep her employed.

Chloe Lanier has deleted her response to Camila Banus’ tweet regarding the racial bias at the Daytime Emmy Awards. Camila is not wrong. A Hispanic woman has never even been nominated, let alone won, in the Lead Actress category.

Fans are using Twitter to praise the Days of our Lives actress for speaking out. They are furious with the General Hospital star for what many people believe is her showing “white privilege.”

It is quite a hot social media topic right now. Are you Team Chloe or Team Camila?

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