The Young and the Restless spoilers: Phyliss begs for her freedom and Summer gets a clue

Michelle Stafford as Phyllis Summers on Y&R
It’s time for Phyllis to face the music. Pic credit: CBS

The Young and the Restless spoilers tease that Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) puts on the performance of her life to stay out of jail.

Phyllis is always looking out for number one, that’s for sure.

After all, she wouldn’t even accept Christine’s (Lauralee Bell) deal to keep Summer (Allison Lanier) from facing criminal charges too.

This week though, Phyllis might surprise Y&R fans.

The latest preview video dropped by CBS leads fans to believe things have changed, and Phyllis has a new plan to keep Summer safe while staying out of prison.

No doubt its about-face and change of plans is due to her talk with Daniel (Michael Graziadei), who blasted her for not protecting Summer.

A previous promo video for the hit daytime drama revealed Daniel works to keep his sister out of jail, but his efforts may not be needed.

Phyllis pleads for mercy

In the video footage, a tear-filled Phyllis breaks down in the judges’ chambers. With mascara running down her face, Phyllis admits she took Jeremy’s (James Hyde) life and that her actions were necessary.

Christine isn’t here for Phyllis crying her way out of murder, especially after she faked her own death. The lawyer reminds the judge that Phyllis broke the law, and that can’t be ignored.

Putting it all on the line, Phyllis pleads for mercy from the judge in a moment that proves yet again that Michelle Stafford is an amazing actress.

Is Summer turning against Phyllis?

Meanwhile, Summer and Daniel meet to discuss the latest events involving their mother. In a shocking twist, Summer declares, “She’s gotta pay a price for what she’s done.”

Although Summer doesn’t mention Phyllis by name, the look on Daniel’s face makes it pretty clear they are talking about their mother.

A flip of the scene features Phyllis in her hotel room telling someone on the phone that everything is about to change. The Young and the Restless spoilers revealed that Phyllis makes a risky, bold move this week.

It sounds like Phyllis takes Christine’s deal to keep Summer safe. However, this is Phyllis which means she will have up tricks up her sleeve than just crying in front of a judge.

Plus, Adam (Mark Grossman) wants Phyllis free, and so does Tucker (Trevor St. John). Those two men are not above bribing a judge and then blackmailing Phyllis. Perhaps one of them interviewers for their own selfish reasons.

Keep watching to find out what happens to Phyllis next.

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.

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Shirley Mires
Shirley Mires
10 months ago

Go Phyllis!! She is a wonderful actress! I have Loved her from the beginning !

Pissed off
Pissed off
10 months ago

The writers for Y & R really messed up this time. Phyllis once again gets a slap on the wrist and doesn’t face real consequences. She broke the law on so many levels and she hasn’t changed, she lied to the judge about Carson witnessing the BS story she has everyone believing. Long story short. The writers would have you believe that it is okay to commit attempted murder with no repercussions. (trying to run down Christine with a car) because poor Phyllis didn’t like what she saw. and now they want you to believe it’s okay to fake your death violate so many laws, hurt so many people in the long run etc. But this time actually kill someone, maybe self defense, but who really knows. She lies about everything. I don’t like the story line. You are basically telling the whole world do whatever you want and suffer no consequences in the process. I for one will not be tuning in anymore, unless there is a big surprise for Phyllis and that she is caught in her last lie and suffers what is coming to her. She will never change!!!! She’s not sorry at all, did you see the look she gave to Christine? Good luck with the show. I’m out! P.S. I’m not mad at Michelle Stafford, it’s the writers I’m upset with.