The Young and the Restless spoilers for next week: Diane and Jack panic, Victor comes clean, and Nate’s choice

Susan Walters and Peter Bergman on Y&R.
Trouble looms for Jack and Diane on Y&R. Pic credit: CBS

The Young and the Restless spoilers for next week’s episodes of the hit CBS soap opera tease dilemmas and confessions take over Genoa City.

May sweeps are on the horizon, which means Y&R is stepping up its game to bring fans an explosive month.

The show better, too, after the snoozefest that was February sweeps.

Phyllis’ death (Michelle Stafford) remains the focal point of the daytime drama and will be for a few weeks.

Fans know there’s more to the story, but Genoa City is reeling, especially Summer (Allison Lanier) and Daniel (Michael Graziadei).

Now that Diane (Susan Walters) has been arrested, battle lines are being drawn, and it will get ugly.

Desperate Jack tries to help Diane

As the evidence against Diane mounts, Jack (Peter Bergman) vows to stand by her side. Since Michael (Christian LeBlanc) declined to represent Diane, Jack is forced to plead with Christine (Lauralee Bell) for help.

Christine is the new District Attorney, so she can’t represent Diane, but she can hear him out about Jeremy. Yes, Jack intends to take action by pointing the finger at the con man.

Luckily for Jack, the frame job that Phyllis and Jeremy (James Hyde) did isn’t top-notch. Chance (Conner Floyd) finds another piece of crucial evidence in the case, which could help Diane.

Meanwhile, Phyllis remains restless and has Jeremy on edge with this partnership crumbling when it needs to stay united.

Victor’s confession

Next week Victor (Eric Braeden) comes clean about something, but what that is is anyone’s guess. Victor has been determined to bring Adam (Mark Grossman) back into the family business, and McCall Unlimited was the perfect solution.

All bets are on Victor’s confession having to do that or the fact he invested in Chancellor-Winters to help his plan. Perhaps Victor informs his wife or daughter Victoria (Amelia Heinle) of his actions.

Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) wrestles with Phyllis’ death. The one thing Nikki remains committed to is ensuring Diane pays, which involves a meeting with an old pal.

It sounds like Phyllis may make another trip to Genoa City in disguise.

Nate has to choose

Things got pretty steamy with Nate (Sean Dominic) and Victoria this week. Nick (Joshua Morrow) catching them forces Nate to make a decision about his personal life.

Literally, Nick gives Nate an ultimatum to choose either Victoria or Elena (Brytni Sarpy). Previously Nate chose Elena, but this story has dragged out long enough, so Y&R fans should expect Nate to pick Victoria.

Whatever happens, one thing is for sure — several relationships are impacted by Victoria and Nate’s actions.

Who’s ready for another exciting week of the hit daytime drama?

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.

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10 months ago

Sooo tired of this story, sooo tired of Nate and Victoria, solve the Diane thing and move on!

Snider Debra
Snider Debra
10 months ago

I’m tired of seeing Victoria acting like a spoiled brat. She uses people and Nate does too. They deserve each other. Keep Phyllis safe no matter what. Out with Diane for good. She has has too many enemies to stay in Genoa City.

10 months ago

Nate and Victoria deserve one another. They are both devious and conniving. I hope they both go DOWN! Bring Adam in to run Newman. He’s so much smarter than the witch. That’s why she’s threatened by him!

Joe Kenney
Joe Kenney
10 months ago

There is zero chemistry between Nate and Victoria!!! ZERO!!

10 months ago

Yeah, same old story different characters. All the soaps do this kill somebody or bring somebody back I’d like to see Jeremy stark stick around and just create all kinds of crap. I think he would put a good spice in the story. I would’ve seriously like to seeing him and Phyllis run off start some big company overseas and then come back to genwa city try and buy everything up and then they find out who she really is, you know it would really be easy for her to get out of this lie. There are unclaimed bodies at every mortuary and women and families don’t pay for somebody to be cremated or the bodies to be picked up. They go to the city morgue and the city morgue to stores until they figure out what to do with them so it’s real easy to switch ashes or switch out a body or just go in and buy somebody’s ashes that are sitting on the shelf so it would be easy for Phyllis to get out of this lie but I would still like to see Stark stay on this, so because we need some spice man it’s the same old same old you can turn it off and come back a month later and catch up with what’s going on you don’t miss anything