The Young and the Restless fans sound off on Adam and Sally’s baby loss

Mark Grossman as Adam Newman and Courtney Hope as Sally Spectra on Y&R.
Adam and Sally’s current storyline has Y&R speaking their minds. Pic credit: CBS

The Young and the Restless has given fans a lot to talk about this week, and that’s exactly what’s happening.

Adam (Mark Grossman) and Sally (Courtney Hope) losing their baby girl proved to be even more of a tear-jerker than the hit CBS soap opera preview video teased.

The fallout of the heartbreaking tragedy has Sally blaming Adam and Adam blaming himself.

It also has Twitter on fire with many opinions on the storyline.

There’s no question that Mark and Courtney have hit it out of the park with their performances.

One user took to the social media platform to express just that while also declaring they each deserve “EMMYs,” and we couldn’t agree more.

The Young and the Restless fans sound off on Adam and Sally’s baby loss

So many Twitter users are not happy with how the fact that Sally and Adam lost their daughter.

@YandR_CBS this is horrible. Why this storyline for these two? You know the fans want them back together raising their beautiful daughter. Please make this a bad dream #YR #YR50 #Adam & #Sally make it right,” read a tweet.

A different one commended that Y&R will have months of Sally blaming Adam and Adam blaming him.

Speaking of Sally lashing out at Adam, several Twitter users were not thrilled with Sally even though they had simply for her losing her baby.

“This chick wouldn’t be ALIVE to complain about Adam if he didn’t make a choice. I can’t with Sally today. I need to watch later so I can fast-forward. #YR,” wrote a The Young and the Restless viewer.

One tweet even expressed frustration that Sally could sympathize with Nick (Joshua Morrow) and not Adam.

More Y&R fan opinions

It’s not just how Sally treated Adam or the loss of the baby that has Y&R fans taking to Twitter.

The hit CBS show was called out for pushing chemistry between couples that don’t work, like Sally and Nick, especially after recent episodes showed Nick belongs with Sharon (Sharon Case) and Sally needs to be with Adam.

Another example of fans thinking Adam and Sally belong together showed a clip of Adam talking to Victor (Eric Braeden) about living in a world without Sally.

Sally and her mental health were a popular topic on the social media platform as one tweet read, “Is sally going be okay becauseπŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™€οΈπŸ˜₯#YR.”

Not all of the tweets were sad or frustrated.

One of them teased a couple of fan theories that included the baby being alive because Victor or Elena (Brytni Sarpy) stole it.

The latter is far-fetched, but Y&R fans know better than to put anything past Victor.

The grief consuming Sally and Adam will likely play out for months and heightened amid July sweeps. Hopefully, all of this leads to an Ally reunion and Shack reunion too.

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.

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1 year ago

Sally is so hormonal I don’t think she knows or cares about how Adam feels right now. Shes in pain and she’s taking it out on Adam! There will come a time soon when she’ll feel horrible about it. Most women can identify with how crazy hormones make you. My heart breaks for anyone in their situation. He loves her, so he will let her say whatever she needs to, but he will be hurt badly anyway. Such a sad story!

1 year ago

I do not think the writers know what they are doing, ”Sally and Nick should not be together. The story line of Sally blaming Adam for their loss is disgusting and has no merit,. He saved her life and had no choice…that is life. So how long is this go to go on? The writers need to stop this and have Sally forgive Adam and go back to him. What is Wrong with the writers? I am very disappointed in this story line.

Marilyn Johnson
Marilyn Johnson
11 months ago
Reply to  Teacher

I agree, she know she still wants Adam. They should put Summer with Chance, Sally with Adam and Nick with Sharon, let Kyle stay with Audra so she can drag him thru the dirt along with his daddy cause Diane is going to drag Jack thru the dirt for sure.