The Bold and the Beautiful: Thomas and Hope deserve each other

Annika Noelle and Matthew Atkinson as Hope and Thomas on The Bold and the Beautiful.
Will Thomas’ scheme trap Hope? Pic credit: CBS

The Bold and the Beautiful fans who were on the fence about Hope and Thomas being a perfect couple can jump off now. After buying his latest bogus sob story, there can be no doubt–they deserve each other like vanilla ice cream deserves a puddle of chocolate sauce!

Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) has stooped to some creepy lows in the past, but this latest concoction takes the cake. On Monday, the cad used his designer skills to create a work of art. He forged a note that had Hope (Annika Noelle) thinking her late friend Caroline wanted her to raise her little boy should anything ever happen to her.

How convenient that this letter should show up! Hope is a hopeless romantic and a soft touch, but falling for Thomas’ tricks is making her look like a sap.

This is a strong woman who has survived plenty, including the recent “death” of her own child. Is she really this blind to Thomas’ shenanigans? Maybe she really wants to be a mom that badly?

Whatever the reason for her gullibility, does she deserve to be played like a violin?

Apparently, the writers think so. A Tope pairing looks inevitable at this point. Hope is pushing Liam (Scott Clifton) away and Steffy’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) impending return no doubt spells doom for the blonde and perky couple.

The sad part of this whole charade is how devastated Hope will be when she learns of Thomas’ deception on top of the inevitable truth coming out about her baby.

Hope is being set up for a terrible fall. How can she possibly survive the betrayal that is about to come her way? Or, will all of this trauma break her into becoming a dastardly person just like Thomas? If so, these two will definitely will deserve each other.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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