The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers: Thomas fixates on ‘relationship’ with Hope

Matthew Atkinson as Thomas.
Thomas is still obsessed with Hope. Pic credit: CBS

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that the CBS soap is going back to an old storyline with November sweeps on the horizon.

While the Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang), Ridge (Thorsten Kaye), and Taylor (Krista Allen) love triangle has been at the forefront, there’s another story brewing.

Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) made sure his dad would leave Brooke for good with the voice changer, and viewers know where this is headed after his daydream of kissing Hope (Annika Noelle).

Things get more complicated as the bad blood between the Forresters and Logans rises.

Will the red flags that Thomas is displaying be handled or ignored?

Here’s what to expect this week on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Brooke and Liam worry about Thomas and Hope

When Brooke barges in on Thomas and Hope, demanding to know what’s going on, she isn’t met with the warmest welcome.

Thomas is using Douglas (Django Ferri) to bring Hope into his grasp, and it looks like it may be working slowly.

As he invites her to spend time with his son at the Forrester mansion, she is growing more apt to allow Thomas to keep Douglas there.

Brooke is worried about Hope, and she talks to Liam (Scott Clifton) about it. She and he have grown close lately, with the two keeping the secret about her almost relapsing again.

Liam vows to keep a watchful eye on Thomas, noting that he won’t let him get to Hope again.

Thomas blames Brooke

While at Forrester, Thomas bursts into a fit of rage about Brooke “ruining his relationship with Hope.”

Steffy (Jaqueline MacInnes Wood) questions what he means about his “relationship,” but what Thomas says back isn’t shown in The Bold and the Beautiful preview video.

Thomas has been through a lot, and his fixation with Hope was supposed to have been cured after his tumor was handled, but it looks like there was more to it than just the medical aspect.

His evil and manipulative ways haven’t stopped, though. His fixation on Hope continues, but will Steffy or his parents realize what’s happening before things go too far?

Taylor is a psychiatrist, but dealing with her son may be more challenging than anyone knows.

How far will Thomas go to get what he wants from Hope?

Be sure to tune in daily to ensure that not a moment of the drama is missed.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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1 year ago

uh – Thomas NEVER had a TUMOR. He had a brain bleed, which was caused by hitting his head on a desk – which occured before his whole mamaquinn episodes. So the brain bleed never explained all the other behavior anyway.