The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers: The truth about Eric is revealed

Annika Noelle as Hope
Hope learns the truth about The Bold and the Beautiful. Pic credit: CBS

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for the upcoming week tease that the truth about Eric (John McCook) is revealed to everyone.

For weeks, Donna (Jennifer Gareis) and RJ (Joshua Hoffman) were the only ones who knew about Eric’s condition.

As things got worse, they remained tight-lipped about what was happening. But this week, all that changes.

Katie (Heather Tom), Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang), and Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) are all in the know now, and they’ve decided the rest of the family should be clued in.

Things have been complicated with the fashion showdown, but with Ridge giving up his win to Eric to make him happy, there’s hope things will calm down as the reality of what is happening with his health sinks in.

Here’s what to expect from The Bold and the Beautiful.

Brooke breaks the news to Hope

The Bold and the Beautiful preview video shows Brooke telling Hope (Annika Noelle) about what’s happening with Eric.

Hope is stunned when Brooke tells her Eric is dying, as the surprise in her eyes can be felt through the screen.

Her relationship with the Forrester patriarch has been special, and she knows the news will devastate Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri) and Thomas (Matthew Atkinson).

Ridge tells Steffy and Thomas

With Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) back in town and settled, Ridge believes it is time to tell his children the truth about Eric.

Steffy is beside herself when she gets the news and wants to see Eric immediately. Thomas looks stunned and will likely have to consider how to break the news to Douglas, who has grown fond of his great-grandfather.

The Forresters and Logans will have to band together to get through whatever is about to happen.

Eric doesn’t want pity

Another scene in The Bold and the Beautiful preview video shows Eric seemingly yelling at Katie about not wanting pity.

This sickness has taken a toll on him, and it’s not improving.

Everything Eric used to do is becoming increasingly more difficult, and it’s killing him.

He didn’t want pity in his life, and he doesn’t want it in his death.

As November sweeps their mid-point, it seems Eric dying is all but inevitable at this point. The next couple of weeks may require tissues on standby.

Be sure to tune in daily so that not a moment of the juicy drama is missed.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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Eliza Anastasia
Eliza Anastasia
8 months ago

I’m still waiting for his illness to not be as bad as doctor is saying

Leo Rice
Leo Rice
7 months ago

do not break thomas and hope up liam is looking like what every body was saying about thomas he is going crazy about stefy so is yall going to say he has lost his mind

Donna M Erickson
Donna M Erickson
6 months ago

whats the matter with you people thomas is crazy & has stalked & through the show has commited many crimes against Hope & everyone else.Watched the
show since it started . Bring in new man for Hope

Donna M Erickson
Donna M Erickson
6 months ago

whats wrong with you people Thomas is crazy & always wil be. I have watched since show started. Bring new man in for Hope