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The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers: Taylor and Ridge get close while Sheila gloats

Katherine Kelly Lang as Brooke on The Bold and the Beautiful.
Brooke is devastated as Ridge walks away on The Bold and the Beautiful. Pic credit: CBS

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for this week tease gloating is happening.

Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) put her plan into motion on New Year’s Eve, and weeks later, it’s all paying off.

Switching the champagne labels started everything, and now, Bridge is crumbling all the way down.

Ridge and Taylor

For weeks, Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) has been pushing her mom and dad together.

When Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) walked away from Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang), he ran straight to the beach house.

Taylor (Krista Allen) loves Ridge, and according to The Bold and the Beautiful preview video, the two spend some romantic time together.

She asks him if he has any regrets, and it looks like he might move forward with Taylor.

Meanwhile, Brooke continues to worry about what is happening as Ridge stays at Steffy’s house.

She will confide in Eric (John McCook) this week, but how will he react to what she did? Eric has been patient with Brooke and has remained in her corner despite her bedhopping between him and his sons.

Sheila gloats over her plan

After finding out that Brooke kissed Deacon (Sean Kanan), Sheila is all too happy to run to Taylor and push her toward Ridge.

Taylor has suspicions about Sheila’s happiness and her push to have the doctor reconcile with Ridge. Her fixation on Brooke has raised red flags before, and now, it looks like more might be seen.

Sheila is so happy that her threat to ruin Brooke’s life has come to fruition. Everyone knows that loose lips sink ships, and Sheila may regret gloating about her happiness as Bridge crumbles.

Other Bold and the Beautiful tidbits

Even though most of the week will focus on Bridge, there will be some Paris (Diamond White) and Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) moments.

The two will get hot and heavy after trying to cool things down. Carter was put on notice by her mom, and Paris has no idea that conversation even happened. Her mom wants her with Zende (Delon de Metz), but that’s not where her heart is. She wants to be wild and free, not be tied down. If she wanted that, she would have gotten engaged to Zende.

Be sure to tune in all week so that not a moment of the Bridge drama is missed.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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  1. So tired of Brooke & Ridge, I’ve got to where I fast forward past them to where I end up not even watching the show. I’ve even thought to stop recording it. Keep R & T together. Send B back to Eric or Bill for good!!

  2. This show is on repeat and repeat. The Brook and Ridge show. BORING! Hope and Liam. BORING! Steffy acting like a 2 yr.. old. I want my mommy and daddy back together. BORING. Where is Bill and the others from the show? Quit taping it and don’t watch anymore. All I can figure it must be real cheap to make.

  3. I think the writers are running out of material. Stef and Thomas are acting like children wanting their parents back, Tired of seeing Sheila’s gloating face, Brooke always crying. Ridge is no angel either. Tired of them staring at each other and saying nothing. Might have to give up this show.

  4. I’m fairly certain that just before James Buchannan left the show that he and the virtuous Taylor slept together while stranded on an island. Wasn’t she married to Ridge then?

  5. It’s not realistic that Ridge runs right to Taylor after all this with Brook – Love does not turn on and off like that and Taylor is suppose to be a world renowned phycologist, really? Moving too fast in that direction is a mistake and both Step and Tomas are acting like innocent little children…I hope Shella talks too much, she is a witch and needs to be stopped & caught. They’ve all cheated – shame on them and Paris too…not liking her with him. I hate her mothers hair and attitude…

  6. What would be awesome is if Taylor does her own investigation before she falls in love and in a relationship with Ridge again. She should be the whisle-blower on Shelia manipulating the whole situation. Before anything physical happens between Taylor and Ridge. Yes spend time together but don’t hook-up. Taylor comes to Brooke and Ridge with her findings and then walks away. Wouldnt that be awesome??!! WRITERS??!!

  7. I stopped taping & watching this rerun, repeat tired story line of nobody/ nothing better to do, Taylor just waiting for yet another chance with Ridge. Put Brook & Ridge back together where they belong. Stuffy & Thomas grow up! Get some new material. I’ve watched B&B from the beginning and I’ve seen this OLD STORYLINE play out at least a dozen times.. Sad really sad..


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