The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers: Finn wakes up

Tanner Novlan as Finn on The Bold and the Beautiful.
Finn on The Bold and the Beautiful. Pic credit: CBS

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease it’s awakening time for someone special.

Viewers have been waiting for weeks to see what would happen when Finn (Tanner Novlan) woke up. It was a shock to learn he was alive after being pronounced dead when he and Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes) were brought to the hospital.

This week, the beginning of the unraveling mystery takes center stage.

Ridge and Taylor worry

As time passes by and Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) is nowhere to be found, Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) and Taylor (Krista Allen) worry about where she might be.

Steffy and the kids are safe in Europe, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worried about when she will return.

Jack (Ted King) will also show up wanting answers about what happened to Finn. Little does anyone know that Li (Naomi Matsuda) is dead because of Sheila.

Finn wakes up and remembers

The Bold and the Beautiful preview video shows Finn emerging from the coma he’s been in for months. Li had moved him to her place so that she could rehabilitate him but let everyone else think he was dead.

Sheila confronted Li about her harsh words when she escaped, and that’s when she learned about Finn being alive. Now that Li is dead, she must take care of her son alone and hope he doesn’t remember what happened.

It’s Sheila’s unlucky week because Finn does remember that she shot him. And while he is thinking about it, he asks her where Steffy is and if she shot her too. It’s a slippery slope for Sheila to walk because she did shoot Steffy too. And now, she’s also killed Finn’s adoptive mom, the only mom he’s ever known.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers teased that Finn will attempt to make an escape next week. He will try to trick his scheming mother and break free, but will he make it far enough for someone to find him? Everyone believes he is dead and gone, despite not having a service or memorial for him.

With Steffy returning home from Europe eventually, a Sinn reunion is something to look forward to seeing. However, Finn must survive being held captive by Sheila and make a successful escape first.

Be sure to tune in daily so not a moment of the drama is missed.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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2 years ago

I will be very happy when Finn wakes up and get away from Sheila she needs to leave the show now!!!!!!