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The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers: Brooke and Quinn battle it out

Denise Richards and Rena Sofer as Shauna and Quinn on The Bold and the Beautiful.
Quinn is going to battle with Brooke on The Bold and the Beautiful. Pic credit: CBS

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for next week promise the claws are coming out.

Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) isn’t going to settle for Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) being married to Shauna (Denise Richards). Quinn (Rena Sofer) has a trick up her sleeve, and this one is big!


When The Bold and the Beautiful left off last week, Brooke and Ridge were happy to move forward with their lives. She had forgiven him and he was off to get Shauna to get an annulment.

That happiness will be short-lived, though. Quinn is going to make sure Shauna stands her ground and refuses to give Ridge what he wants. In fact, she will be going to great lengths to ensure her BFF stays Mrs. Forrester.

Quinn and Bill

Friday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful saw Quinn prancing into Bill’s (Don Diamont) office. Justin (Aaron D. Spears) was about to fill him in on what happened between Ridge and Shauna in Las Vegas when his baby mama barged through the door.

Nothing will excite Quinn more than Bill agreeing to chase Brooke. These two have been back and forth for years. When he learns that Ridge married Shauna, the vision of what once was danced through his head. Having Bill work on wooing Brooke is just the distraction Quinn needs to ensure Shauna remains with the man of her dreams.

Spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful reveal that Katie (Heather Tom) will be shocked to overhear what Bill says about Brooke. He has been working toward trying to rekindle his relationship with Katie, but she isn’t budging, especially after she saw him kissing her sister. This isn’t the first time he hurt her, but it will be the last if she can help it.

Brooke won’t stop

For as long as Brooke has known Ridge, she is not set on believing he would divorce her and then turn right around and marry Shauna. The timeline of events isn’t sitting well with her, and now, she is going to do some investigating.

Bad blood is boiling over between Quinn and Brooke. Shauna is right in the middle, and if Brooke keeps pressing for information about the night she married Ridge, the truth could come to light.

As everything unfolds next week on The Bold and the Beautiful, be sure to tune in daily.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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  1. Eric needs to find out about his sweet darling b***h of a wife and kick her to the curb along with Shauna. Ridge & Brooke need to be together. Finn & Steffy need to have a romance. Bill and Katie need to start over. Tom needs to go for Sally and Liam and Hope happily ever after.

  2. Eric has got to let Quinn go, she is no good very low class. Brook’s sister husband needs to leave her alone, although he has money but he is not a good enough person for Brook. If he cannot get his wife back (Brook’s sister, then maybe he and Shanda or Quinn need to get together.

    I think Steffy and Finn are a perfect match.

  3. Can no longer deal with Quinn & Shauna. Let Ridge & Eric overhear them & finally make it right. Focus on Steffy with Dr for awhile Friends & I are tired of turning our favorite show off. Thank you

  4. I hate the storyline-Bold and Beautiful get back to Elegance & Fashion Shows and love not horrible breakups constantly. Let Brooke and Ridge get back to a normal (stay out of their kids business) Steffy and Dr. great match; I say goodbye to Shaunna, Flo and Thomas.

  5. I will stop watching B&B if Shauna and Ridge get together. Quinn & Shauna are two peas in a pod. Eric and Ridge need to find out how horrible those two are.Kick their butts to the curb. Why do the writers always have the character walking away, ie when Brooke is telling Bill how she really love Ridge and Ridge does not hear that part because he only hears that part where she will always love Bill but her heart belongs to Ridge. Steffy & Finn need to be together. Thomas and Sally need to be together again.


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