The Bold and the Beautiful: Has Ridge lost his mind?

Thorsten Kaye as Ridge on The Bold and the Beautiful.
Ridge is so worried about keeping his family together. Pic credit: CBS

Has Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) lost his ever-loving, hunky and handsome mind on The Bold and the Beautiful? He’s acting more like a hot-headed teenager than a grown man, but it’s his family who he’s putting in harm’s way the most.

Love has a lot to do with his current condition. That, and lust. Whether he knows it or not, Ridge is about to make a major mistake with Shauna (Denise Richards), and he made a major boo-boo recently with his awful suggestion about Thomas’ (Matthew Atkinson) living arrangements. What was he thinking?

First of all, it’s bad enough that he chose Thomas over his wife. Last week, Ridge got into yet another argument with Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) over Thomas and his dunderheaded actions. Taking a leave of his senses, he left beautiful Brooke in a huff to down shots at the bodacious Bikini Bar.

Not surprisingly, he got blindingly drunk. So much so that he had to be helped upstairs to a sleazy alcove where he was helped by Shauna. The drool on her lips was visible from Mars.

Nothing physical happened except that her fertile imagination is now running amok about being the next Mrs. Dressmaker.

How does one explain his suggesting to Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) that dangerous and delusional Thomas moves in with her and her baby?

It’s bad enough he is living there. Ridge the gazillionaire playboy and the corporate mogul has to move in with his grieving daughter who’s having enough drama dealing with a baby switch gone awry?

At least Steffy is cooking with gas. She told Ridge in no uncertain terms that it’s her house and her rules.

She was also wise enough to ask if he’s on the outs with his wife because of another woman!

Without shame, Ridge initially denied it, but then came clean.

Shauna would be pleased to know she’s now officially the other woman!

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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