The Bold and the Beautiful celebrates Kimberlin Brown for 30 years of Sheila Carter

Kimberlin Brown on the red carpet.
Kimberlin Brown has been Sheila Carter for 30 years. Pic credit: © Bennight/AdMedia

The Bold and the Beautiful recently celebrated Kimberlin Brown and her 30-year portrayal of Sheila Carter.

While originally written for The Young and the Restless and debuted there in 1990, she moved from Genoa City to Los Angeles in 1992.

Since then, she has been wreaking havoc in the Forresters’ and Logans’ lives, and it looks like her reign of terror isn’t over yet.

As a part of the tribute to Kimberlin’s work, the Halloween episode of The Bold and the Beautiful will feature some of Sheila’s most frightening moments on the CBS soap.

There are several to choose from, especially her sinister ways and devious ideas.

Kimberlin has been around for decades, almost as long as Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Eric (John McCook), so it only makes sense they were there to celebrate her accomplishment.

Who attended the celebration for Kimberlin Brown?

Aside from the honoree herself, several of her costars showed up in support of her major accomplishment.

As mentioned, Katherine Kelly Lang and John McCook were on hand, with KKL speaking at the event as well.

Katherine Kelly Lang speaking at Kimberlin's celebration.
Pic credit: ©

Other cast members in attendance include Annika Noelle (Hope), Matthew Atkinson (Thomas), Jennifer Gareis (Donna), Lawrence Saint-Victor (Carter), Tanner Novlan (Finn), Don Diamont (Bill), Sean Kanan (Deacon), and Heather Tom (Katie).

It appears those are the people who were likely filming that day.

Bold and Beautiful cast members.
Pic credit: ©

Sheila’s legacy on The Bold and the Beautiful

Sheila has been quite the character. While everyone talks about Brooke Logan and Taylor Hayes (Krista Allen), Sheila sometimes gets lost in the shuffle.

Her history with the Forresters is rich. She is the one who shot Stephanie (Susan Flannery), which is what has everyone so upset. Sheila acts on impulses, often losing her temper and doing something without thinking.

When it was revealed she was the mother of Finn, things spiraled out of control from there. Sheila desperately wanted to know her son and grandson, and Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) forbade it. As the former nurse gained Taylor’s trust, she could assess the situation, but when Steffy confronted her, Sheila shot Finn and Steffy.

Now, Sheila is in hiding. She’s believed dead but ended up on Deacon’s doorstep and has been living and sleeping with him since then. All of that is about to take a turn, as once Sheila learns about his decision to pursue Brooke, she loses her mind again.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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mary ann l gowisnok
mary ann l gowisnok
1 year ago

how can deacon and hope be so gullible get new people

1 year ago

I hate the way things are going on this show too! Thomas has done it again andagin getting what he wants but Hope deservers what she gets!Thomas should be ashamed for doing what he always does, using his Douglas to get what he wants again! Bill makes me sick the way he says he loves Katie but he really wants Brooke, just to tick Ridge, Brooke who doesn’t have the guts to stick up for herself anymore, just go cry on Bills shoulder instead of thinking her sister Katies feelings too! Please get rid of Sheila and her idiot friend ,thy do not have pace here on B&B!Do not get me started on the rest of cast pure lunacy! I do love storyline of Donna now finally got something right!

1 year ago

It is discusting what Thomas gets away with. And Ridge is the biggest jerk ever. If I was Brooke, I’d go for Bill and say good riddance to the dressmaker. And one more comment—Steffy is a _itch with a capital B.

1 year ago
Reply to  Debbie

I agree with everything you said!