Sean Kanan talks The Bold and the Beautiful crossover and reveals if he’d return to General Hospital

Sean Kanan as Deacon on The Bold and the Beautiful.
Deacon is part of the big CBS soap crossover event. Pic credit: CBS

Sean Kanan brought Deacon Sharpe back to The Bold and the Beautiful last year, and he is gearing up to bring him to Genoa City next week.

That’s right, The Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless are doing another crossover between the CBS soaps. The shows have done a few crossover events, but this one really ties everything together with the return of Diane Jenkins (Susan Walters) on Y&R.

In recent episodes of The Young and the Restless, Deacon’s name has been mentioned several times. His history in Genoa City is long and jaded, almost matching the energy he gave in Los Angeles on The Bold and the Beautiful.

The crossover event begins next week on the CBS soaps, and Deacon will share scenes with Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott). He was married to the gorgeous blonde once upon a time ago, and there are plenty of questions surrounding his connection to Diane.

In preparation for the big crossover event, Sean Kanan talked with PEOPLE, giving them a little of what to expect when The Young and the Restless meets The Bold and the Beautiful again.

He is a soap veteran, so, of course, the publication had to ask about a potential General Hospital return.

Sean Kanan teases scenes with Melody Thomas Scott

The event will begin with Deacon popping up in Wisconsin, and then Nikki will visit Los Angeles.

There’s a lot of history between the two, including marriage and some dirty tricks, so expect the storyline to be juicy as ever.

While he was flattered to be involved in the crossover this time, one of his best moments came while ad-libbing a little bit.

He told PEOPLE, “And I got a great little ad lib which at the end of this scene, I just looked at her and went, ‘Oh, Nick. One more thing: You look good.'”

Sean Kanan enjoyed the time at The Young and the Restless but assured everyone he is quite happy on The Bold and the Beautiful, where he has a lot going on.

Would Sean Kanan return to General Hospital?

While talking about The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful crossover, Sean Kanan was asked if he would return to General Hospital as A.J. Quartermaine should he be resurrected from the dead.

Surprisingly, he wasn’t interested.

Sean said, “I don’t think so. No. Again, I’m very happy on Bold and Beautiful. For me, it has been absolutely the greatest experience I’ve had in daytime television. It’s fulfilling on so many levels that I wasn’t able to experience in other daytime collaborations.”

He didn’t elaborate further, but it doesn’t look like he would return to the ABC soap, even if specifically called on for the role of A.J. Quartermaine.

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS. The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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mary ann l gowisnok
mary ann l gowisnok
1 year ago

Deacon better get smart and get rid of sheila

1 year ago

Yes! If Hope finds out, he is done!!!!!

1 year ago

If Ridge breaks up with Brooke, I am done!!!! I’ve been watching since 1991. They need to roll with the punches and show that couples go through a lot of stuff and can still stay together. Taylor is a complete idiot to want Ridge, when she knows deep down inside, he will think of Brooke all the time!!! Brooke needs a “RING door bell” and a lock system, so Deacon and Bill cant just walk in!!!

mary ann l gowisnok
mary ann l gowisnok
1 year ago
Reply to  Lory

you are right