Nicholas Alexander Chavez out at General Hospital: What will happen to Spencer Cassadine?

Nicholas Chavez as Spencer on General Hospital.
Nicholas Chavez is out at General Hospital. Pic credit: ABC

Sprina fans are likely mourning if they haven’t already been.

Speculation about Nicholas Alexander Chavez not returning to General Hospital began a few weeks ago, and now, it seems it’s true.

While the ABC soap does not comment on casting news, the signs have been there for weeks.

Initially, Nicholas was set to take a leave of absence from the ABC soap to film a Ryan Murphy production about Lyle and Erik Menendez. Everything seemed to be worked out as production was supposed to begin last year. However, with the Hollywood strikes, things were pushed back.

Now, it seems that is out the window, and Nicholas Chavez has vacated the role of Spencer Cassadine.

Will General Hospital keep Spencer dead, or plan to recast the role?

Nicholas Alexander Chavez out at General Hospital

According to TVLine, the news about Nicholas Alexander Chavez not returning to General Hospital is true.

The announcement hasn’t been made public, but sources have confirmed that he is no longer slated to return after filming his Netflix series about the Menendez brothers.

Details about what happened are unclear, but the status changed sometime in mid-March. With the loss of Sprina and using less of Trina (Tabyana Ali), the writers likely needed to think on their feet.

Filming for the Netflix series began at the end of 2023, and Spencer was last seen on-screen in January 2024, which tied into February sweeps. It wasn’t shocking the writers chose to leave things open-ended, with the idea in their heads he was returning following filming.

It would be just as easy to leave him “dead” until someone right comes along to fill the role, but given some of the more recent circumstances, it seems he may stay gone for quite some time.

What’s next on General Hospital?

The General Hospital writers now have Trina spending time with Ace (Clay twins) and rethinking how things went down with Spencer.

The most recent episode and the news of Nicholas Alexander Chavez not returning make for a very confusing situation.

It was also announced that Nikolas (Adam Huss) would be shipped off to a new prison – further away. This seals the deal for Adam to appear back on our screens. The writers have all but officially annihilated the Cassadines, except for Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) and Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn).

We will be waiting to see what (if anything) Nicholas Alexander Chavez has to say about no longer being a part of General Hospital as Spencer Cassadine. Was it his idea? Did GH cut him loose to hire someone new?

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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Karen Speelman
Karen Speelman
1 month ago

This is a mistake not bringing Spencer back. He grew that part. Tremendous actor. I do hope the writers change their minds. So much potential for a great story line.

Angella Brock
Angella Brock
1 month ago

Please don’t let him go I really like Nicholas Alexander Chavez, he plays a great Spencer.