Is Spencer coming back to General Hospital?

Nicholas Chavez as Spencer on GH
Will fans see Spencer back on GH soon? Pic credit: ABC

Is Spencer coming back to General Hospital? That’s a question GH fans are asking after a recent episode.

Today, GH fans saw Trina (Tabyana Ali) visit Spencer’s (Nicholas Chavez) grave after a talk with Aunt Stella (Vernee Johnson).

It’s been a struggle for Trina to accept Spencer’s death.

The fact that Spencer’s body was never found has only made things harder for her.

General Hospital fans know that when there’s no body in a death, it almost always means a character will return.

So, is that the case for Spencer? Let’s take a look at what we know.

Is Spencer coming back to General Hospital?

The answer to whether Spencer is coming back to GH is yes. Having Spencer die was never meant to be a long-term thing, nor was it meant to be dragged out.

It was simply a way to write out Nicholas Chavez. The actor landed a role on Ryan Murphy’s Netflix limited series Monsters: The Lyle and Erik Menendez Story.

Nicholas will portray Lyle Mendez, while Cooper Koch will play Kyle Mendez. There was no time given for how long Nicholas and Spencer would be off the canvas.

However, we do know that Nicholas fully intends to return to playing Spencer.

Ahead of his General Hospital exit, Nicholas shared an IG post that just might have been a hint at how long he will be away from Port Charles.

In January, Nicholas teased Monsters: The Lyle and Erik Menendez Story with an air date of 2024. That means filming can’t be too much longer if the limited series will debut on Netflix this year.

GH fans should prepare to see Nicholas and Spencer back during a sweeps month. Since May sweeps are only a few weeks away, July sweeps will likely be the first we learn that Spencer isn’t dead.

As of this writing, neither General Hospital nor Nicholas has spoken out about his return, but the show is focused on another big comeback right now.

The return of Jason Morgan on GH

This week, the preview video for the ABC soap revealed the return of Jason (Steve Burton) will be front and center. The aftermath of Jason turning himself in to the cops has a ripple effect on his friends and family.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that mixed emotions run through Port Charles as the mob enforcer heads to court for his arraignment.

Even his two sons, Danny (Asher Antonyzyn) and Jake (Hudson West), are at odds with their father. The two boys literally fight over it, with Danny keeping the secret that he helped Jason at the Quartermaine boat house.

Well, at least GH fans have something to keep them entertained while we wait for Spencer to return.

Keep checking back with Monsters and Critics to find out when Nicholas and Spencer will pop back up on the hit ABC soap.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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Phyllis Lientz
Phyllis Lientz
1 day ago

Looking forwardcti Spencer’s return.