Marcus Coloma on General Hospital — Did he get fired as Nikolas Cassadine?

Marcus Coloma as Nikolas Cassadine on General Hospital.
Is Marcus Coloma done at General Hospital? Pic credit: ABC

Actors come and go on soaps. It’s just the nature of the business. However, another General Hospital exit may have been forced rather than chosen this time.

Marcus Coloma debuted as Nikolas Cassadine in 2019. Viewers had been used to seeing Tyler Christopher in the role, but he vacated it in 2016, and the recast who filled in only lasted a few shows before Nikolas was presumed dead.

Over the last few days, the rumor mill has been churning about Marcus and his position as Nikolas Cassadine on General Hospital.

Little clues have been dropped that Marcus has wrapped filming with the ABC soap, including unfollowing everyone on his Instagram account. He is still posting content but no longer follows anyone, including the coworkers he was developing relationships with, including Maurice Benard, who plays Sonny Corinthos.

General Hospital is no longer listed in his bio, and with all of the social media comments asking about whether he was fired or quit the ABC soap, he has remained quiet.

So did Marcus Coloma get fired or quit General Hospital?

Marcus Coloma's Instagram.
Pic credit: @marcuscoloma/Instagram

Social media speculates about Marcus Coloma and General Hospital

Over the last few days, there has been plenty of rumblings on Twitter about the status of Marcus Coloma and the role of Nikolas Cassadine on General Hospital.

Several soap fans (who appear to have inside knowledge) have hinted at a casting change, with viewers flocking to voice their opinions about whether they believe Marcus is done at the show and who should replace him.

One person said, “Word on the Twitter streets is that Marcus Coloma got fired. Also that he unfollowed everyone from the show. He is now only following these two accounts. There was a breakup, folks.”

Marcos GH comment
Pic credit: @fynch_davis/Instagram

Interestingly, his Twitter account seems to have dumped everyone as well. The viewer noted that there appears to be a breakup, and we can’t disagree that it looks suspicious at best.

Another General Hospital viewer chimed in with, WTH,[two silly emojis] ! 2 be fair, Marcus Coloma will always make it easy 4 Nicholas Chavez (#Sprina) & others 2 win an Emmy/nomination (I don’t mean he’s giving that person his best in scenes either ?), so yeah. I [prayer hands]4 Tyler Christopher, Nick Stabile or Adam Huss but Marcus has the gig #GH.”

No statement regarding Marcus Coloma from General Hospital

As of writing this, no statement has been released from Marcus Coloma or General Hospital. Sometimes the network won’t even acknowledge what happened, especially when it is contentious.

When Ingo Rademacher and Steve Burton were let go, General Hospital didn’t issue any formal announcement. Ingo’s exit last year was outed by his costar and nemesis, Nancy Lee Grahn. Steve confirmed his exit and signed on to a role on the rival soap, Days of our Lives, which now airs on Peacock.

Typically, soap contracts run for three years, meaning Marcus was likely up. Perhaps he didn’t sign on again, or the show wanted to drop him to recurring.

Filming should be wrapped in the coming days for their holiday break, and maybe more answers will be available.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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paula mcgarr
paula mcgarr
1 year ago

I like the character of nickolas and ava i don’t know if he got fired or what
i wish him the best and hope to see him in other shows